My dream last night

I had an incredibly vivid dream last night. This is the second time that I have posted about a dream that I had and I may keep them coming from time to time when I have one that really stands out. This was my first dream post, this is my second. I also used this picture of street art from Brazil on my last one as I felt the art was as crazy as dreams can be. Crazy and limitless in potential.


I actually had two dreams, but I have managed to forget one before being able to blog about it. The one I remember was incredibly real. I was so present in the dream, it wasn’t a lucid dream but I felt I was making the thoughts that I was thinking and not just being a passenger or an audience member to the dialogue.

I was at work in the hotel. Now our hotel has both temporary guests and permanent residents, the top four floors are owned by residents. This was also true in the dream, however the layout of the hotel differed slightly. I was made aware of this in the dream after some temporary guests were unable to get to their floor. It turned out that the guests got into the wrong elevator- the one dedicated to permanent residents- so their key card would not work. This is factually true, the keys wouldn’t work. However the guests would not have been able to access the elevator at all as they need a pass to get through a glass door. This door wasn’t in the dream and I asked myself why. This is what is so fascinating about dreams, they are a completely new world that we find ourselves in but don’t often realise until we wake. Sometimes we do realise whilst in the dream. We realise we are experiencing a reality that isn’t reality. Very Matrix like, and I imagine that I was pulling the face that DiCaprio’s character did in Inception.


I then remembered that I left my desk unattended to assist these guests. My run back to the front desk had me jumping over chairs and around tables that would not be there if I was to run in my real job. There was a kids party going on also, so it seems like my brain installed a restaurant or some kind of venue in the middle of the hotel for whatever reason. Whilst I was running I remember truly feeling like I was running. I could feel the plastic of the chairs I was pushing out the way. I could feel the world and it wasn’t hazy. I could hear the kids laughing as I was dodging them playing. It was all very present as were my senses.

Once I got back, this is when the dream really showed a dreams true potential. The weird section that can only really take place in a mind whilst asleep or under the influence of hallucinogens. Actually this is pretty tame for someone that has just taken mushrooms I would imagine, please let me know if you can confirm this. I would love to say I have tried them but I haven’t.

The automatic doors into the lobby from outside were swapped with one single, black door that resembled a door that should be on the front of a house. There were some loud bangs on this door. I couldn’t see outside, and it wasn’t too long before I realised what the bangs were. A guy burst in using a wheelbarrow. Of all things, a wheelbarrow. Immediately I knew it was a robbery and conveniently I had the till drawer right in front of me. To make the situation even more strange, he didn’t have a gun. He had a drill. This drill was held to my head and I handed him the money. He took the money, however he didn’t take the drill from my head. The dilemma here was that he kept shouting demands, however I could not understand what he was saying. He kept shouting louder and with increasing anger, not helping the fact that I couldn’t understand what he was saying. It was then that I decided to fight back and take the drill. I was able to grab it from his hands and he backed off slightly. He maintained eye contact and looked like he was still willing to fight.

And just like the end of an episode, it ended there.

I woke up and have no idea how the rest of this dream would play out. Did I wake up because my adrenaline was pumping? Does adrenaline flow during a dream? Maybe my brain was becoming too active to remain in a sleeping state. I don’t know. What I do know is dreams are too fascinating to not think about or speak of. It is another mystery in life that just begs for our curiosity and an increase in knowledge.

If I can remember a dream, I will easily spend the whole day thinking about it. Life is too short and there are too many mysteries. Our brain, the thing that tries to evaluate mysteries, contains many mysteries. We are a mystery trying to analyse itself, and that is incredible.


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34 thoughts on “My dream last night”

    1. I guess it could be… I’ve dreamt about work before and usually when I’ve had a very stressful shift. I haven’t had a a stressful shift recently, but worked quite a few hours. I guess it may be a sign of working too much 🙂

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  1. Everything I know about mushrooms isn’t from Wikipedia, and it already seems like an intense experience! (Or are these nerd ramblings, hmm…)
    Dreams can be the most exciting part of your day!
    I’d once had a full-blown blockbuster dream where the planet had used up almost all its resources and had polluted it to a point where humans were at serious hazard. At this point, some international space agency cited new research and said that there’s a mineral on a planet far away that has, whatever you’d call for smoke what you call hygroscopic properties for moisture: basically, a mineral that can magically suck away all the particulate matter. They assembled a group of four astronauts to retrieve as much of the mineral as possible (for some reason, an unmanned shuttle couldn’t do this, I dunno, dreams are such), and I was one of the four.
    Unrelatedly, there’s a planet very close to our own which is always out of view for us because of the way it rotates/revolves, and for them, we’re in plain view.
    This planet is much older than ours, and logically, I’d much more polluted (not on the verge of dying because there’s some dream logic that if the planet is bigger in size, it takes more time to get as polluted or something…)
    This planet had been watching Earth and its situation for long enough to know that we might be wiped out if we keep going like this (might I take those opportunity to quote, “A system based on endless growth is unsustainable.”)
    They’ve been waiting patiently for the moment we tip, so they can use our planet as a dumping ground for their own excess. After years of waiting and being so close to what they want, this news comes as big blow to them. I don’t know if they’d anticipated this move or what, but they’d sent little alien spies from their planet as kids to earth (à la Superman? I don’t know) who, through naturalisation of some sort, grew up to look a lot like humans, but with slightly silver skin. We were the proverbial last hope. Today these spies were supposed to get on board stealthily and sabotage our mission to save the planet, make sure we don’t return alive.
    The last thing that happened was me, as Crew Commander, going through the CCTV footage one night before sleeping and seeing a fifth, possibly an eighth figure, and the next thing I know, I’m being attacked by a knife wielding silver face.
    The fight was so detailed, I almost can’t believe it wasn’t a dream. I remember having a pseudo victory moment—as he tried to pin me, I pulled out a knife of my own (yes, apparently astronauts in a space craft have one on them all the time. Handy!) and he tried to stop me–but he wasn’t in for a surprise: I do things left handed!
    Of course he had me down in the next five, and I ask him, why?
    In the next twenty minutes, we chat and become friends, and he secretly defects.

    This was at least two years ago, but it blew my mind so much the next morning, I still haven’t forgotten it. I’ve read dreams only last some ten minutes? This seemed so much longer…
    I want to write a sci-fi book based on this someday!

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    1. Wow, what a fun read!! This has certainly been a welcoming form of entertainment whilst I work nightshift. Did you write this down after the dream, or just remember it? It is certainly a story that would be great in book form!
      Also, I chuckled at the Unsustainable, Muse reference. I may have to give that song a listen tonight, although the comment reminded me more of the Exogenesis Symphony 🙂

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      1. The proverbial last hope, the whole planet going “We are counting on you, it’s up to you”, I was thinking of that, I agree! Wasn’t able to frame it into the narrative, though.
        This episode might be at least a few years old, but no, never thought of writing it down until I formally sit with a notebook dedicated only to this! It’s surprisingly hard to forget, this one just stuck in my mind, almost in its entirety. Some people have said I may just be paranoid about apocalypse, but I just think it makes for a good story (and for that, I’m grateful!)
        Glad it could liven up part of your day! It must get really quiet… like a chemistry class. XD

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      2. Haha it was mainly the word ‘wasn’t’ instead of ‘was’, however I knew what you meant and wasn’t thrown off. Auto-correct can be a nightmare at times. It is a good story and it seems like it has stuck with you, so it is only right that you turn it into a form of literature :p

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      3. No, I had no idea! I had heard that she’s a Muse fan too, though. She’d asked for Supermassive Black Hole to be used when they turned her book into the movie!
        Profitable dream indeed, although it’s more a parody now.

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  2. ˝Our brain, the thing that tries to evaluate mysteries, contains many mysteries. We are a mystery trying to analyse itself, and that is incredible.˝ Beautiful sentences you composed there. It would surprise me if you would tell me that it was not the result of a deep thought.

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    1. Thank you. I often think deeply when thinking of dreams and trying to analyse them… And trying to wrap my head around aspects of life that we really don’t understand. It makes life entertaining for me!

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    1. I am sure dreams are a reflection of our conscious thoughts to some degree. We understand that some dreams such as hair and teeth falling out may be a sign that we are stressed or not feeling in control in life, maybe we can interpret other dreams in such a way and understand the meaning behind them!

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  3. My dream last night was threatening too, which is unusual for me. There was a serious take-over by violent armed folks in our university district. I was caught in the area but managed to keep ducking being shot. After many months of this occupation, I was helping people live within the area unscathed if they used these small cabbages made of cast off newspapers and event flyers for their shelter and disguise. Paper cabbages? Just weird. My dreams always have totally random ideas like that in them. It makes the scary parts kind of fun.

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  4. Fascinating dream- too much going on to interpret in its entirety, but the part with the robber and the drill is very telling. Note that the robber has a drill to your head. You believe you are giving him what he wants, but he continues to voice his angry demands while holding the drill to your head. Is there an area in your life where somebody wants something from you that, try as you might, you are unable to comprehend what it is? You are willing, but at a loss as to what this thing is and how to give it, and your inability to understand what it is they want from you is frustrating them to a point where they want to “drill” it out of you. In your dream, you’ve finally had enough and manage to wrestle the drill away. You both maintain eye contact and he “backs off slightly”. This is key. If this sequence is symbolizing a relationship, it would convey a desire to “stick with it” regarding communication issues, rather than give up and completely walk away in defeat.

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    1. Interesting. I didn’t expect someone to analyse my dream! Thank you for taking the time and providing this, it has been interesting to reflect on. And I will have to give it some extra thought, as if this is indeed the case I want know who is involved and what can be done about it! Is this an area that you look into often, or just my specific post? It sounds like it is something you are very interested in 🙂

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      1. I’ve never interpreted a dream from a person’s blog before- just people who I know personally, but when I’m drawn to something, I will sometimes be given a message about it that I feel compelled to share. This is what happened in your case. Without going too far into what some consider the “woo woo” -where I often reside 🙂 sometimes I’m given information. It’s all up to interpretation, so it’s for you to decipher and see if even a tiny nugget can be useful to you. That’s always my hope.

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      2. Well I am always up for hearing about what my dreams may mean, as long as it isn’t fully blown woo woo! I’m sure there is plenty to learn from our dreams, as crazy as they seem.


  5. That post was incredible! Life is such a mystery, our brains are capable of so much, we don’t give them enough credit. I will most certainly write about the next dream I remember.. ooo have you ever carried a dream on? Woke up fell back to sleep and continued? Or had the same dream multiple times? I’ve also felt as I’ve been getting healthier physically, I have more control in my dreams, referring to what you said about not being in the audience but actually thinking it out. Please write more on your dreams, it’s fascinating. X

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    1. Thank you, I will write my dreams down more in future 🙂 I know I have enjoyed a dream so tried to sleep again, however I cannot recall whether or not it has been successful. That is interesting about you having more control as you get healthier! Maybe I should try that, a good excuse to get back to the gym for me!

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  6. so true, this: Our brain, the thing that tries to evaluate mysteries, contains many mysteries. We are a mystery trying to analyse itself, and that is incredible.
    thank goodness you are writing your dreams down. i think the meanings for some of them will become apparent over time

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    1. I hope they do! It would be fascinating to reflect on. Imagine if we could just type into a search engine the description of our dreams and have it decipher what they meant… I’m sure it isn’t beyond the realms of possibility!

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      1. indeed, different types of search engines and databases already exist that many people utilise in the esoteric and psychological disciplines. they are very user-friendly, too, these days. fascinating and practical stuff!

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