A very long day

Sorry for the delayed post today, although it’s not as late for most of you. Due to the time difference Londoners are having their lunch breaks and New Yorkers are having their morning coffee. People in New Delhi are just getting home from work and those in Sao Paolo are finally feeling effects of that morning coffee and are settling into their workday. I keep an eye on these things. I’m fascinated with how the world operates and when it operates.

So despite it being twenty minutes to midnight here in Sydney, much of the world is just starting the day. So I’m sorry for showing off my well deserved beer tonight. You will earn it later in the day 😉

I worked 12-11pm today, a very busy day due to Australia Day tomorrow. For those that don’t know, Australia Day is a national celebration. I will give a little insight tomorrow during the celebrations, a little info on the holiday and how it is being celebrated on Sydney Harbour. Watching the preparations this evening from work was pretty impressive to say the least. 

I was going to publish an older post today as I said I would use Thursday’s as an excuse to get some of my older writings out there, although I didn’t even get time to do that. I don’t want to just hurl one out there so I thought I’d update you on my lack of update. 

What is your day going to consist of? Is it just beginning or coming to an end? I hope it is a good one regardless.

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38 thoughts on “A very long day”

  1. Happy Australia day to you then! At least it will be by the time you read this…haha it will be a long day for you tomorrow if you are working since it’s a holiday so hope you get to enjoy your break now! 😄

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    1. I’m cherishing my beers 😂

      Thanks, I will try to enjoy it before work, and thankfully this shift was busier in the hotel as everyone wanted to get here a day early to beat traffic and road closures. Hopefully today (it’s after midnight now) is a smooth one!


  2. Well in Scotland it’s now halfway through the day … I’ve been inundated with plumbers, electricians and men up ladders sucking through their teeth. All have been brilliant, getting their jobs done with smiles and thanks for the endless coffee that I’ve brought out whenever the sucking through teeth escalated to a shaking of the head…. all in all, a good day so far. Hope yours is good too. 🌞

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    1. Haha, what’s going on over there in your home? 😂
      I’ve always found that electricians/plumbers etc have always been nice people and provided great customer service! Maybe it is the tea/coffee treat that fuels them…
      Glad you’re having a good day.

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      1. Nice! I haven’t which is shameful as I’m half Scottish, I have family in Edinburgh yet never ventured any further past the capital…
        I would love to visit, it has a similar reputation to Newcastle, where I am from. Friendly people despite the cold northern weather!

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  3. Forgot it’s Australia Day . That means it’s a nice long weekend. We don’t read the news don’t know much here. It’s 859pm in Thailand . About to head to bed as early flight tomorrow.

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  4. Sipping a latte and about to start my workday. Just about 9 am here near Seattle. The weather’s gone grey after a gorgeous pink-orange sunrise over the snowy cascades. I’m in the foothills so had a close of view. Good day (or night) to everyone!

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      1. The minute I turned 65 & got pension, I decided to hire someone to do the things I hate…..cleaning!
        Now of course I am physically not able to even force myself to do much other than the light stuff, so I like having someone do it for me.

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      1. Haha I can’t sit still either! I am doing an athletic yoga which is like yoga on steroids! We get into a yoga position and then do weights. It’s the closest I can get to yoga

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  5. Day or night, it’s just a few hours closer to the end (aka March doom) 😛
    I think about this sometimes, but I suppose I look at it from more of ‘states of mind’ point of view.
    A night before a paper, I’d sit wondering, “If I were in Berkeley right now, I’d probably be eating breakfast and be really complacent about my work; if I were in Toronto, I may have begun studying. If I were in Reading, I’d still be better off than I am now.
    But if I were in Christchurch, I’d probably be heading off to write my paper this very hour, so just this once, I’m glad I’m not in Christchurch!”
    And by then, another ten minutes are lost. 😛

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    1. Haha, it is amazing to watch the time fly by when trying to write a paper. I would always say to myself ‘I will just watch this last YouTube video’ or ‘I will just pop to see that friend for five minutes’ and before I know it, another day has gone. I was so bad with deadlines… don’t be like me!

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      1. In this regard, I may already be like that!
        My creativity peaks in the days leading up to a paper. I think I may be blogging more during that’s period! Of course, with every publish comes an internal reminder, ‘Now I’m going off for five days’, but when an idea hits, I just have to write it down!

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