Thank you to my 3000 followers

I finished work last night, the ninth late finish in a row. My extended family here in Sydney asked if I could go over to babysit very early this morning as they were participating in a 10k run today, needing a last minute babysitter. I would have hated for them to have had to cancel, so I went over to their place and stayed overnight ready to look after their kids- a 3 year old and 11 month old- at 6am.

They were well behaved and I have had a nap since, so I’m happy.

As a treat (yes, 28 year old guys need treats too) they took me up through the Northern Beaches for lunch.

This place is beautiful. What a place to have a home, although we do not know anyone that resides here. It is an area they cycle through frequently and I can see why. Scenery like this does indeed help with the motivation.

We then headed to The Newport, a bar/bistro that was waaaay bigger than I had imagined. They had bars and places to order food all over the place. The heavy rain earlier in the day meant that it wasn’t as busy as it usually is (apparently, it seemed pretty busy to me) and finding a table was easy. Immediately I told myself I would come back here, it had a good vibe.

The food was good, the views were good. The cold beer was goooooood.

Throughout the day I reminded myself that I hadn’t blogged. I was happy though to take the above snaps to share, and I was even happier to realise I had hit 3000 followers when checking WordPress on the go. 3000 followers that have enjoyed my travel diaries, my photos of forest fires and fish burgers and my opinions on anything that I feel I want to have an opinion about. It is really amazing for me to do what I enjoy doing and have you all enjoy reading. It is like the best win-win ever. As always your continued comments and feedback help me to keep going, as are your likes and kind words of support.

Whats next? To keep going. Keep at my blog and keep documenting my travels. Keep engaging with the WP community and looking for inspiration everyday. I am having fun, so I will stick to the routine.

It is now 1.21am, meaning I haven’t blogged all day yesterday. That freaks me out a little, but that does mean technically you will get two posts today. What the second one will be about I have no idea, but that is the fun in blogging. I spend much more time looking around for inspiration.

How is your day going?

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31 thoughts on “Thank you to my 3000 followers”

    1. It really is a beautiful spot, I hope to go back soon. Thank you for the kind words, I think the nice comments are one of the main reasons I am motivated. I also want to be able to blog full time, or at least enough to build an audience that my book will appeal to, so having an aim helps a lot too 🙂


  1. Congrats mate! ouch ninth shift in the row, I feel you! I also work crazy shifts, but what a reward to get to spend your time off in such a beautiful place!:) I’m glad I did end following your blog, it gives a great vibe 🙂 Cheers

    Liked by 1 person

    1. If I wasn’t able to take breaks in such lovely places, I wouldn’t be anywhere near as motivated at work. I am glad you know what these shifts are like! Also thank you kindly for the lovely words, I appreciate it.


    1. I am finally catching up on blogging today too! I am glad you’ve had a great day. Thank you for the lovely words, I am pleased you enjoy reading and I will keep my blog going as long as I can!

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  2. That’s amaaazing! Congratulations!!
    The pictures look amazing, are they really in a city? I guess I don’t automatically connect ‘city’ and ‘nature’ any more…
    Not being a morning person, I really can’t answer “How’s your day?” any way except with a “huhngh?” XD
    I can probably answer for “How’s your night?” instead—it’s bright, because we’ve just dethroned the most polluted city in the country! Walking’s been a nightmare this week, you almost can’t see a thing anymore.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. It’s on the outskirts, so not really classed as the city but not too far away at all.
      Haha, today I wasn’t a morning person, and I can’t imagine being in a city with such pollution! I am lucky Sydney isn’t a city with a lot of pollution.


    1. Just blogging, blogging and more blogging! I’ve done so much more in the last few months than I have ever before in terms of how much I spend on my blog daily.


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