When things go wrong

Think positive, as they may have also went well. I had to do a last minute nightshift last night (yes, after getting up early and going on the road trip in my previous post), and upon arriving at my station to head home this morning, the trains weren’t operating. 

Instead, I had to catch the replacement bus service.

This bus route took me around Sydney in a way I haven’t done before. I haven’t been on ground level on the other side of the water looking over to the CBD and the Opera House, so it was very much worth it. 

Even if it was 7.30am.

Sometimes, the things that get you down and in a mood can be the things that get get you out of it again. I am pleased I was able to have this view of Sydney.

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32 thoughts on “When things go wrong”

    1. I drink a lot of coffee here so I have to agree haha. Saying that, I’ve heard Melbourne is even better for coffee. But Sydney certainly had beautiful beaches and the harbour.


    1. I’m glad you agree with it, I find this has been true a few times in life. It’s about looking at the good outcomes and forgetting the bad ones! If possible of course.


    1. That is true 🙂 sometimes negative experiences have silver linings. This wasn’t the worst experience I admit but it had a great benefit! Thanks for the comment 🙂


    1. Yep, although when I see the sun rise after a nightshift I know I am heading home. More often than not it is a sign that my work day is ahead! Seeing a sunrise and knowing I can go and get some sleep can be a very good feeling.

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      1. I have, it is growing on me certainly. And it is a Muse song so I am guaranteed to like it to some degree, I show a lot of bias towards them and I don’t care haha! What do you think of it?

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      2. I think it’s really interesting that Muse have, over Drones, and beyond, been exploring a more slow, heavy sound as opposed to their staple fast, loud and heavy (think Dead Star, Plug In Baby, Hyper Music, Stockholm Syndrome and the like), and it’s really working for them! I agree, the bias tends to creep in, but that’s what we’re listening for, I suppose: a good track from a band we like! I love how the song begins, personally. It’s quite different from their usual style, don’t you think?
        But it’s amazing!

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      3. That is the thing with Muse, what is their style? It changes on each album, and often on songs on that album! So far I prefer Thought Contagion over Dig Down, but it was great to hear Dig Down open the Sydney concert recently! I think TC will grow on me further with every listen, but I doubt anything will beat the excitement and joy I had when hearing New Born, Hysteria and Knights of Cydonia for the first time. Some of their songs just made me say WOW on first listen.

        Saying that, Stockholm Syndrome has just started playing on Spotify… I am playing their music random on shuffle as we speak haha.

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      4. I agree with that, Muse have tried everything from classical to jazz to electronic and back! Some songs are just instantly recognisable as Muse songs, though. On TC’s chorus, I couldn’t help being reminded of U2’s The Miracle, it begins quite like that! However stuff sounds on record, every Muse song is a great one for playing live, and I can imagine Thought Contagion’s chorus being the refrain the crowd sings live, as with Dig Down!
        It must have been really exciting when Muse were releasing their older albums, for fans to hear it for the first time, say on radio or on their website or something.
        By the time I began listening to them, it was only on YouTube, so I’ve enjoyed ‘real’ first listens on the newer albums! That being said, Stockholm Syndrome is as good the fiftieth time as the second. Enjoy your listen! 🙂


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