This is what happens when you don’t sleep in

Recently, Will Smith visited Sydney. He did the bridge climb and spent his days getting up early and seeing how the locals live life. I wanted to spend today’s post looking at the vlog he made of the visit and some quotes I took from it. It seems like he really enjoys the Aussie way of life.

You can view his experience below. (6 minute watch).

I love Will Smith. He seems to be a very cool guy and also pretty inspirational. He is never seen to be in any kind of controversy and oozes class. He is one of those high profile stars that really deserves positive recognition and gives that positivity back to his fans.

This is what happens when you don’t sleep in

This is true. Nothing is harder for me than getting up when I plan to, and there little I want more than to be able to get up at sunrise and truly make the most of each day. Think of how much of our time is spent not awake, and think of what little time we have to experience life before our time is up. It is videos like this that really kick me into gear and make me want to experience the life that I could have between 6am and 8am that I often miss out on. In these two hours a day everyday that my brain is often switched off during, how many experiences do I miss out on?

You wanna do the minimum amount of work to afford the maximum amount of time doing the thing that you love.

That’s the way I wanna live.

I like what Will says here, although I imagine that for most of us to achieve this we have to put a lot of work in. Not that I am against working hard, I am sure by doing so I will then be able to free myself from a job that I do not want to do and instead have a full time job that I love doing. This of course, would feel like doing the minimum amount of work and gaining the maximum amount of time doing what I love to do.

I hear ya Will, That is the way I want to live too.

Did you watch the video, what did you think of his vlog? This was the first of them that I have watched but I will certainly keep looking out for future uploads.

Let’s all aim to be as happy as Will!

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29 thoughts on “This is what happens when you don’t sleep in”

    1. I didn’t know he was blogging either! I watched a video from a recent morning TV show appearance whilst in Australia and he said that he loves being able to produce content there and then for people.

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  1. Minimum work means working part time. Minimum work means not wanting too much so that you don’t need money to do the things you want to do. Like walks in the park. Like smelling the flowers. Like affording just a train ticket so you can go walkies. Like exploring the cheapest pizza you can get. I found a place near the station that sells slices of pizza for $2. Like a bowl of udon for $4.80 just don’t buy the tempuras that goes with it 😊

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    1. Which station is this? I want to know if it is in close proximity 😉

      Freeing up our time to do the things you mentioned is a great way to live. The more time I have for things like these, the better!

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  2. I love Will Smith, and I loved the vlog, but it’s not that easy to “not sleep in” when you have hynsomnia and have a lot of difficulties falling asleep. Great concept, but I do value my 2 hours of peaceful sleep in the morning! 😃

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    1. Well I guess his vlog can still have meaning for you, he is basically saying (I assume) that great things can happen when you make the most of your time. This can of course be any time of the day!
      I also have trouble sleeping, this is a time in the morning that I struggle to get up for, so I can relate 🙂

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  3. I never really realized how much I missed early mornings until I started working nights. I work two week rotations of night shifts and I find it hard to readjust your schedule on the two weeks off.

    I usually end up getting a week on the normal 9-5 schedule but getting up any earlier is tough. I’m always fine if I can get myself out of bed and provided I wasn’t up too late the night before, I just gotta get up and do it!

    Thanks for sharing the vlog and been enjoying your posts!

    Here’s to finding a way to live the dream! Cheers from Canada! 🇦🇺🇨🇦

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    1. Hello to you in Canada! Thank you for the words of support towards my blog, they mean a lot 🙂

      I have worked night shifts in hotels on many occasions, even recently. I however don’t get more than a couple days off if I am working a week of nights, I find those couple of days really do feel a little wasted when trying to adjust and make the most of the free days. I would prefer two weeks off! But I love watching the sunrise on the Sydney Harbour, it is pretty spectacular especially with a cruise arriving at 6am. Something I would certainly miss if I was not on nights.

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      1. That’s true for sure, you got me thinking about that. I’ve been privy to some pretty spectacular northern lights and I definitely wouldn’t have seen that if I weren’t on the night shift!

        No doubt, I will have to count my blessings, two weeks off gives a lot of time to do things you love. I was lucky to travel to England this past summer on my weeks off 🙂

        Nonetheless, there’s still something about mornings that I do miss, perhaps it’s just getting that little extra daylight and vitamin D. Much needed mid February up North here in Canada haha

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