Happy 60th birthday to my mum!

This is me, having a final photo with my mum and sister before starting my two day journey to the other side of the world. Our last photography together as I boarded the train for London before departing from Heathrow to Sydney. It was my mums birthday yesterday (on the 15th) and unfortunately I wasn’t there to celebrate it with her. Of all the perks of long distance travel, being away from family isn’t one of them.

mam birthday

She loved the flowers we sent her, although I hope she didn’t forget to take them home after having a few too many glasses of fizz during lunch with friends. Sometimes I wish I was able to be at every milestone occasion, but I have to remember that it isn’t possible. But to be present at all, even if it is via FaceTime, is just as good if it is the only way possible. Technology allows us to be there at the click of a button, something generations past were not able to. No longer do we have to resort to a letter in the post and hope it arrives within a couple of weeks. Although the flight is roughly 24 hours, high quality, video communication is instantaneous and free over WiFi. How incredible is that?

Thank you for being the best mum I could have asked for and always being there for me. Although I wasn’t there to celebrate with you, the high chance that you will be able to visit me in Australia- a dream destination of yours- keeps me motivated. This makes being so far from family very worthwhile indeed, and that it is important to remind myself of the reasons to travel in the first place!


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27 thoughts on “Happy 60th birthday to my mum!”

    1. Thanks for the well wishes, I will let her know, although she will read this for herself I am sure haha.
      And I will take that! I have been compared to him before actually… just the once. I get Jack Whitehall much more (may have to google him!)

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  1. I think about this all the time! My parents are enjoying their retirement by never being home. As I text with my mom each day I remember not to complain as it could have been a 100 years ago when it would have been weeks between interactions by paper!

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    1. It sounds like they are enjoying their retirement! I text with family whenever I can, it is much harder for us now with the timezones. It is crazy how far we have come in terms of technology isn’t it!?

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