A different perspective

Back to Sydney, back to normality. Normality being a temporary home whilst away from the UK, I was walking along the same bridge after work yesterday and noticed that the sun was in a position that the moon was in when I last walked over this bridge. The shot I’m speaking of is uploaded here in The waves of motivation and the reason I can blog daily.


Although the moon provides light at night, it is just the sun working overtime. We need additional lights to help us find the way home. Night time hasn’t always been a blessing to humanity, it has often been the opposite. A period of blindness, plummeting temperatures, shadows and silence. We are lucky that we can keep the lights on in the dark hours today, and if anything it gives me a little bit more security to appreciate the beauty that can be taken from it.

And how different it looks during daylight hours. I cannot help to feel more warmth both in temperature and in happiness. I feel the blindfold has been taken away and that the universe is coming out from the angry stage it was in just a few hours ago. I can understand why stone age humans would feel the universe had emotions as we humans do. When a violent thunderstorm or tornado comes at you with the most incomprehensible intensity, it could almost seem like a personal attack. If we hadn’t developed techniques to predict storms or come to understand the conditions that lead up to these extremes, maybe we would be more superstitious than we are today.


But back to the shot, I like the difference in the shots despite being in the exact same location. The sun and moon in somewhat similar locations, even a person walking away from me directly below the guiding light. Maybe they are the same person? I will never know. They are both beautiful in their own way, I am sure some appreciate the stars and silence and some the blue skies and bird sounds.

Which do you prefer?

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28 thoughts on “A different perspective”

  1. Hi Sam, this post was very intriguing. I had to think for a moment, because your right I can definitely appreciate the stars at night. But the warm sun and song birds bring me get at joy. Both night and day can truly be a blessing.

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  2. Good post, Sam! It’s difficult to choose… The sun normally comes with hope. But depending on the day before the night, the moonlight take us to extraordinary feelings, be they good or bad, but necessary to grow even more as people.

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    1. I think sunlight gives me more hope, unless there is a full moon and that can fill me with wonder. But nothing makes me happier than a bright sun and a blue sky!

      Thanks for sharing your thoughts 🙂


  3. Both pictures are interesting same place but you see different things in each photo. probably a stupid question but is the building behind the light on the right in both? if it is its very hard to see in the night photo.

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    1. Good point, I don’t think it is! This bridge curves a lot, so looking back at the shots I seem to have walked a little further in the daytime shot and have only just got onto the bridge in the nighttime one. There is also a lot more road in view in the nighttime shot compared to the day one on the bottom left. Nice spot!

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    1. Thanks for choosing, it is a hard decision for me and I keep changing my mind. Maybe I will find a good opportunity that will convert you back to moon shots!

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    1. I agree, very calming. It is incredible to think of the forces that are in effect around the stars that we see, yet we hear nothing but silence. Such a contrast!

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