This is my new office 

As I was walking to the store to buy a new phone, my phone switched on for the first time in days. Very coincidental. Anyways I looked for a new phone, but I think I will buy one online and get a better deal.

This has allowed me to access the first picture I have snapped on the farm so far.

I thought the land around Ayr was flat, until we arrived at the farm 30 minutes from the hostel. Suddenly the terrain changes and we have a backdrop of beautiful mountains covered in dense forest and steep cliffs. The temperature varies everyday, some days are kind to the farm workers with clouds and a light breeze. Other days, like today, are full of relentless heat and blue skies. You need to have a minimum of 5 litres of water during a shift, enough to see you through the day and the heat. Some days bring huge downpours, with that, flash floods that make work and quad biking rather difficult. The quad biking is my favorite part of the work, cruising along on a trailer behind a farmer and his dog as we take in the scenery.

The itching is what I hate the most. I haven’t been bitten by a spider or a snake yet, so they haven’t been a problem for me. Green ants however, they are fast becoming an enemy.

If anyone has any questions regarding the farmwork, I would be more than happy to answer them. It is great fun. Hard work but fun. I have three days left on this current farm before moving onto something else, this farm is at the end of its season.

72 days to go…


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16 thoughts on “This is my new office ”

  1. As a person who hates heat, I could never tolerate that. Hopefully you have lots of sunscreen & a good hat.

    The countryside looks lovely, but then I like mountains & forests.

    Those ants sound awful! I take it there’s no repellent?

    What will you be doing at the next move?

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    1. I have repellent which works well, but green ants won’t stop for anything! I’m not sure where I will be next, I just asked the owner of the hostel and it really depends on what farm is looking for work when I am free. So I’ll have to see after tomorrow!

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      1. I have been very lazy and since my phone has started working again (kind of) I haven’t looked. However from looking in town I have realised that a good deal cannot really be found compared to online. So online I will go!

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    1. I can’t choose the farm unfortunately, however after asking today I can say which I prefer and they will try to get me on it. But if a farm already has a full team I can’t do anything but hope they need to hire someone in the near future, other than that I’ll have to go with whatever farm is needing people.

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      1. Considering where I am (which seems like the middle of nowhere) I’ve realised I have no choice to put trust in other people! Thankfully they have been trustworthy though, most people are good and this reminds me of that 🙂

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  2. From the picture it seems a beautiful place even if apparently full of snakes, spiders and ants. If I can ask, how is it to live and work in such a context?At the end, it is not the usual office job and you seem to count down…

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    1. It is, it is very flat but the mountainous areas we see here and there are very beautiful. So are the snakes and spiders!

      Of course you can ask 🙂 I really am enjoying the farm work experience, it is hard work on hot days, however knowing that at the end of my day I will go back to the hostel with 200+ people all sharing their experiences over a few beers makes it very fun. The hostel is clean and our room only holds ten people, so it is a great size. The town as well is big enough to not go insane, it has just the right amount of shops, bars and restaurants. It also helps to work on a farm knowing that I only have to do 88 days to apply for a second year visa. So when I add each post, I’ll tell you how many days I have done and how many remain before I can apply to stay here in Australia for a second year!


    1. Gumtree is a good place to look, but obviously be careful as anyone can post on there! It seems one of the most popular places to look and it was where I received a message from the hostel I am at now. Some farms will be truly in the middle of nowhere, so if you get responses look at where you will be. I much prefer to be in a town than on a small farm a 30 min drive from the nearest supermarket. Also, the website visabureau has a page dedicated to farms that offer 88 days, maybe check that out. Here is is, if the link works!

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