Eight days left: I’m going to miss the locals 

Everyone I have met here has been lovely. There are of course exceptions, a few bad apples and the odd crazy person, but overall I have felt welcomed here.

This seemingly contradicts this post I published not too long ago, with some rather horrible posters asking backpackers to leave. But this was a one off, and I haven’t met anyone that seems to have a bad word to say about us. Not to mention the businesses that are getting plenty of backpacker money.

I remember my first farm job here in Ayr. I worked picking Achacha’s, the farm seen in this post. It was a great job. Tiring, but I realised after other farmwork that this was a great place to work. The farmers, Shane and Craig, are great. Scary at first glance, but great people to get to know. After finishing on the farm, we went back to Shane’s house for a BBQ and lots of beer. The family didn’t hold back on the food, even providing honey made from the achacha fruit.

It also reminds me of my very recent trip to see Sugar Cane burning that I documented in this post. Another time a farmer went out of his way to call us and made sure we didn’t miss out. 

I am going to post about another adventure soon, as I am travelling south for two days with my current farmer and team. He has a house that is accessible by boat (or via car when the tides are out) and we are going to do a bunch of leisure activities as well as a few jobs around the house. It’s going to be fun. 

Locals are a great addition to any experience. I would say it is one of the most important things to do on any trip, talk to those that live there. They know the place better than anyone, as well as the lesser known places that shouldn’t be missed. They don’t have to help make our experience a memorable one, but because so many want to, I will remember them throughout my travels. 

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9 thoughts on “Eight days left: I’m going to miss the locals ”

    1. Thank you so much for following my journey and reading my posts! I love meeting the locals, sometimes I wish I could take them with me!


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