Seven days left: I’m going to miss the chaos

Hostel life is like being back at university. If you didn’t attend university, simply stay a night in a working or party hostel and there isn’t too many factors that tell them apart. It is hard to think of a time in my life that has been as entertaining on a daily basis, I probably have to go back to being 21 in Texas for such shenanigans. I know, I know… this is rather contradictory to this post two days ago about how I am going to miss ‘the simple life’, but this is more about the hostel and nightlife than the town itself.

I was walking to a bar a month or so ago. Ahead of me was a guy I knew heading to the same bar with a beer in his hand. It is not unusual for a group of 60 people to walk together to the bar, as the hostel has a drinking curfew of 10pm. This means there is a wave of people from each of the four hostels in this town collectively walking in search of the next beer. Usually the weekends are trouble free, despite this.

Anyways, back to the story. As we walked, a police car came around the corner ahead of us and down the road we were on. The problem with this is, it is illegal to drink on the street and having a beer in your hand will result in a fine. The police car stopped. The guy knew what was about to come, so he decided to throw the beer away and run away from the police. Not the wisest choice he has made, I’m sure.

What happened next was hilarious. The police cars sirens went on, the guy ran round the corner, the police car followed before the guy stopped dead and ran back around that came corner to try to escape the police. This happened four times. The police car impressively kept up with this and he was caught down a back alley trying to jump a fence.

He spent some time with the police before being handed an $800 fine and a weeks ban from the bars. He couldn’t go within 50 meters of any bar. The fine was a combination of littering, obstruction of police or something similar and of course, drinking in the street.

What is funny about this is how the policeman handled the situation. He recognised that we were there when the chase occurred and told us about it in the early hours. That’s right, it wasn’t the backpacker that told us how he was arrested, it was the policeman that night! Apparently the chase made the policeman’s day and he had a laugh about it, as well as telling us how he hopes the drinker had travel savings to pay the fine.

Lesson learned, don’t drink in the street and don’t assume you are faster than a car.

I would say this was the funniest experience I have had since arriving. Not a proud one, but you have to laugh at these things. From naked people jumping into the pool, fake snakes in the shower and peoples beds, the food fights, the games of football between nationalities, the fun banter between nationalities during the World Cup… It has been a bunch of fun. Sometimes chaos, but always fun.

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17 thoughts on “Seven days left: I’m going to miss the chaos”

    1. Yeah I guess they do! I’m thinking about going to Magnetic Island, off the coast of our nearest city of Townsville. Then down the east coast of Australia 🙂

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    1. It was certainly never going to end well for him! Some people do sadly screw themselves up pretty bad, a guy broke his arm on Sunday trying to hang onto a washing line two storeys up. He can’t do any more farmwork and had to leave. I guess it’s a story to tell the grandkids….

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