Five days left: I’m going to miss the sunrise and sunsets

I’m surrounded by farmland. No surprise there considering I’m in a farming town doing 88 days of farmwork, but I would like to provide something for you to visualise. Miles upon miles of flat ground as far as the eye can see, with large mountains on the horizon no matter which way I look. 

This makes for some incredible sunsets. Coming from a small farming village in England, the hilly terrain and often cloudy skies made sunsets a rare spectacle. Here, they are unobstructed and shine bright. The sunrises also make getting up at 5.30am worth it.

Here are a few shots I have from various farms and areas of the Burdekin.

It is weird that this is something that occurs night and day, yet never gets boring. That’s how awesome nature is. Something that beautiful and immense that we simply have to appreciate it, no matter how many of these we have counted in our lifetimes. 

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18 thoughts on “Five days left: I’m going to miss the sunrise and sunsets”

    1. Especially in places I haven’t been before. Each sunset is different when the location changes! Thank you for the lovely words 🙂


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