Two days left: I’m going to miss the people 

If it wasn’t for the people here, I wouldn’t have been able to do farmwork. It’s the kind of work that you need to be motivated for. 

If you aren’t in high spirits, a work day will last forever. 

I have met all kinds of people here from all over the world. All with different interests and hobbies. It’s a good mix and the variety keeps the hostel fun. I have certainly had the most laughs in Australia right here in Ayr. It’s needed when we are being woken up at 6am with a hangover to work in fields in hot temperatures around snakes and spiders. 

So a big thank you to everyone I have met here, you have been great company. I hope to see you all again for a drink somewhere.

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Emptying my mind onto the web and hoping to make sense of it. Hoping to help others going through similar struggles.

13 thoughts on “Two days left: I’m going to miss the people ”

    1. I will, a few months is a pretty long time to stay somewhere whilst travelling, so I had so many fun experiences and memories to go with it. I’ll never forget the farmwork!

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