My first taste of luxury and freedom (but I’m still in hostels)

One night in Townsville… this is the city that is my gateway to freedom from farmwork. Four of us made the great escape on the coach and from here, take a coach or a flight to the next destination. Two of us are staying in this particular hostel for one night (two in another just down the road) and then I am heading down to Airlie Beach.

I think.

This is more like a mini resort than a typical budget hostel. I mean come on, it has a well maintained swimming pool and a bar with swings. Admittedly I did not use either, but it was nice to be in a more relaxed environment away from bunk beds that have panels missing and dirty floors from work boots.

I mean there were still some crazy antics… we were walking- okay, stumbling- fairly drunk up the stairs early in the morning and we were greeted by a mud crab crawling towards us. Kebab in hand, we freaked out as a topless man ran around the corner chasing it and picked it up.

Now, I can only assume this was a prank as I am sure it would not be very hard to catch up to a crab, but I am glad he did because these things can use their claws with some power. He started laughing his head off and began to jokingly taunt us with it but by then we were all laughing. We did in fact forget about this until the following morning when we met this man again. He immediately recognised us and pointed and laughed outside of the pool. We didn’t have much time to talk as we needed to check out but it seems he was fishing earlier in the day. He may indeed live here, a guy in his 40’s that knows the town pretty well. Why this would mean he would be wandering the stairs with a crab is anybody’s guess.

Oh hostel life, I love you.

So now, back to travel posts, photographs of landscapes, architecture and street art and little bits of personal philosophy and opinions on anything and everything that inspires me to think.

So, my beautiful readers, is there anything that you are looking forward to the most? Let me know and I will try to make it work.

Have a great day!

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28 thoughts on “My first taste of luxury and freedom (but I’m still in hostels)”

  1. You naughty boy! You came to Townsville and didn’t visit us across the pond on Magnetic Island. We could have taken you for a sail on our boat. Next time Mate. The Rambutan is indeed the best people watching hang out in Queensland and Saturday night there is where it is in Townsville.

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    1. Yeah you get a good view up there! The Rambutan was lovely and I was actually recommended it from friends that have been there.
      It’s a shame I wasn’t able to take up the offer, I’m sorry!! That would have been fun and I appreciate it, if I’m ever there again I will post in advance. Maybe I should do that more often, so people will know where I am going instead of where I was previously. Something to think about, cheers!


    1. It was a great stay, shame it was for only one night. I agree, hostel life is fun! But it’s all about the balance, sometimes all I want is a king bed to myself in a hotel somewhere!

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    1. It is still a little too cold for me on the mornings, even up north, but I would have for sure if it was later in the year! Sorry to hear of the wildfires, hope it is under control soon.

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      1. I forgot it’s not end of summer for you. Sometimes it’s hard to imagine cold when you’re in the heat. 🙂 We’re all indoors or wearing particle masks. It’s almost all forested land that’s on fire, not much threat to homes, but the smoke is a serious health hazard at this point. I too hope they can contain and end it soon. I heard yesterday it was only 35% contained. Light rain is finally in the forecast and should help considerably. Thanks for the good wishes!

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      2. Wow, it really is crazy to think of these kinds of things that are largely out of our control. Glad rain is on the way. Rain is something we take for granted in England!!

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  2. It’s been a cold winter. If you found warmth and sun well done.

    We had rain in Sydney this evening but the drought isnt over yet.

    It’s been the coldest winter in Sydney in 7 years. We’ve had so many frosts, I’ve lost count.

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    1. It seems Sydney has been very cold! I have only experienced the summer however plenty of people I know living there said it too. Sometimes I am glad I was doing farmwork in the tropical north! :p

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      1. we moved from Brisbane 7 years ago. It was freezing that winter too. At first locals said we were just not used to it but in just a few weeks their overcoats came of the deep dark closets too. We could be in a new 7 year cycle,only we’re also in a drought.

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      2. Where we live in Sydney it can be extremely hot in summer. One year it we had days of 48C/118F. Not nice unless you spend all day in a shaded swimming pool.

        Canberra has 4 definite seasons. The winters are always cold. Summers can be hot. I love Autumn and Spring in Canberra. They are also the prettiest times of year.

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    1. It was so nice! Also, thank you for sharing your link, I have added an ‘Introduce yourself’ page to the top of my website homepage to share there and find new blogs 🙂


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