This pier is 2,848ft long 

I went for a walk today and found a nice pier to chill on, taking in the lovely beach here on my rest stop of Hervey Bay before making my way to Fraser Island tomorrow. 

On the map I was provided at the hostel there was a pier, however this one didn’t seem to be in the right place (on the map it appeared to be on a curve, this pier wasn’t, so I took a snap and kept walking down the coastline.

As I was walking, I found another pier of a similar size. I then wondered why there was only one on the map, and realised that there must be a pretty big one a little further down. 

I found it, and it was impressive.

Almost at the end of a ten or so minute stroll…

Looking back to shore.

Right at the end were plenty of fishermen and women. Reason be that the water is impressively shallow all the way out. This would be why the pier was built, it used to transport goods onto ships after being built in 1917. It was about to be demolished when the local community protested, and here it is in 2018. 

Typing that, I’ve just realised its 101 years old!

That water though! 👌🏝

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