This is why you should stick to speed limits…

We had a very close call yesterday as we landed on Fraser Island. We were on a coach driving on the very narrow and winding sand roads through wooded area and as the driver was giving us information, a guy on a dirt bike ploughed into the front of us. 

He was doing about 50kph but the corner was just far enough away for him to see us coming and to brake sharply. This wasn’t enough for him to stop, resulting in a loud thud that could be heard in the coach. I had a front seat view and it was a little nerve racking as we had to reverse to let him and his bike out from underneath us. 

He was fine, I could tell the way his friends caught up to him, looked under the coach and signalled for us to back up. 

So, I took some shots. The coach has a television above the windscreen so passengers at the back can see the view. This was not a view we were expecting…

Now our coach is huge and has a lot of room underneath for a speeding biker. It needs to be for the large quantity of sand on the island. Luckily, the biker was able to get up, spoke to our driver and they both laughed it off, shook hands and went our seperate ways.

If there was ever a reminder of the importance of protective gear and speed limits, this was it. This could have ended very differently.

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11 thoughts on “This is why you should stick to speed limits…”

  1. Did you see any brumbies on the beach? It’s been many years since I did the Fraser Island visit, but such a beautiful place. Hopefully now you’ll have other images to replace the near-miss with the motor cyclist.

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