Baked beans belong on breakfast

I have had a very productive morning. I haven’t been able to respond to comments in the last day or so, meaning I had to have an early start today to play a little catch up. My mum very kindly bought me a Groupon voucher as a gift for The Brasserie on the River in Brisbane and I thought today would be a great day to get up early head to the buffet and blog whilst I am at it. She knows I am a broke traveller and probably felt I needed a decent breakfast for once. Thanks mum.


I love early mornings. Despite my reluctance to get out of bed as the alarm belts out, there is no better feeling than a day I know I haven’t wasted. An early start makes the day feel so much longer, and as I am off until Monday afternoon I really need to make the most of my weekend.

I say that, but I have eaten so much that I need another nap. That is what buffets are all about however and I can safely say the scrambled eggs were some of the nicest I have ever had. Still, I always need baked beans to accompany it. I am pleased Australia has accepted baked beans as a breakfast item, I know it freaks some of you guys out. I remember being in the USA and this wasn’t a thing at all! The beans were different too, but I liked them. More burrito filler, less breakfast item.

Do you like them with breakfast? A full english wouldn’t be the same without them.

Happy Friday!



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30 thoughts on “Baked beans belong on breakfast”

  1. I have never had them with breakfast before. But one of my favorite things about traveling is trying traditional breakfasts. German breakfasts were pretty good, so now I might need to plan a trip to England

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    1. I love trying different breakfasts and cuisines! I don’t think I’ve ever had a German breakfast though… but I’m eager to.
      And you should! Beans and black pudding, might be an eye opener for you :p

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    1. That’s true for here too, I haven’t had much fried bread but I love it. I’m not very keen on sourdough though, which seems to be a favourite here. I think I’m just bored of it!

      For some reason I felt like adding a tomato to my brekkie, although I always leave it on the plate. I forced myself to eat it haha. It doesn’t do much for me.


  2. The perfect protein brekkie! Our baked beans are a bit stronger in the sauce than the UK ones 🙂 I scoop them straight out of the tin with Arnott’s savoury crackers (preferably BBQ flavour) On the subject of breakfast food, our Weet-Bix are same-same but different to your Weetabix.

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    1. Are they? I haven’t thought about it, although I have seen different sauces here that the beans are in. We used to eat lots of them straight out of the tin during farmwork.
      And I always wondered if there was a difference between ‘Weetbix’ and ‘Weetabix’ apart from the name…

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  3. I have never come across baked beans on any breakfast menus or buffets in the United States (granted I’ve only been to a few states as well). I tend to think of them more as a grilling/cookout type food – paired with burgers, hot dogs, etc. I don’t like them though, the texture of beans bothers me in general.

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    1. Haha, I know a few people bothered by the texture of foods, it isn’t something that usually puts me off. Maybe if you try a British or Irish pub they will sell them I am sure, but this is a pointless sentence because I know you don’t like them XD.

      Maybe give it a go with breakfast just once… :p

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  4. Baked beans isn’t something I’d make for breakfast, but I wouldn’t turn them down either. If I were making a brunch, I’d make a batch ahead of time. I cook from scratch most things I eat. Your high protein breakfast looks amazing.

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    1. I like them because they are so easy to prepare (out of the tin haha), a quick couple of minutes on the hob and done. It is something that accompanies the breakfast and not the main show so I don’t mind putting little effort into them. It is great you make most things from scratch! The food is always more satisfying when you know there has been a lot of effort put into it 🙂

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