Bloggers are fake

Can you remember when I told you about an article I believe I triggered back home in the UK? It was on a popular Middlesbrough delicacy that is selling very well at a certain chain of pubs here in Brisbane.

No? Well, here it is if you fancy taking a look. It’s like a 30 second read.

I was in this exact same spot yesterday to try the parmo that is advertised, I had been craving it for a long time and decided to check it out. As it arrived to the table, I was about to take a picture to blog my thoughts before being distracted by a young couple in front of me. He was taking a photo of her pretending to dip a chip into some ketchup, it was funny to see it outside of an Instagram shot, a bit like going behind the scenes of a movie. In the end I don’t think she ate the chip.

It reminded me of this post that I typed up about guys being cameramen for their girlfriends and the new trend of looking away from the camera.

I refrained from taking my photo, as I didn’t want to be just another millennial taking a photo of food before I started to eat it. I did just that this morning instead as I logged onto WordPress. This was a very nice breakfast by the way.

I am not sure if the couple were huge food bloggers or not. But it reminded me that social media paints a completely different picture to the reality of the occasion. We act in our pictures and spend more time trying to make the occasion look good instead of actually making the occasion a good one. I actually started to feel a little bitter.

Then I thought to myself, who the hell am I to judge? This could be their job. They may have enjoyed the food but they get paid to review it and of course, this means documenting it. They could have millions of followers and obviously need to keep up to date with whats happening on their page as much as possible, working via their phones in their free time. This might be a one off post and for all I know they usually never have their phone at the dinner table. I made a quick sweeping judgement of millennial culture without knowing the individuals, and failed to look at myself in the process. It was two people having fun. That’s it really.

So I am in two minds about social media. It’s a weird phenomenon. It is full of people pretending to look into the distance at something, when the actual thought is how many likes it will get. We therefore know that this is what everyone else is doing, but we just keep the cycle going. But I shouldn’t use it as an excuse to breed negativity, it is just a sign of the times. And I am pretty confident that if people back in the industrial revolution would have been able to take part, they damn sure would have. Think of all the selfies that would have been taken on the Titanic, lets not pretend that people then would have refrained! Maybe something in our society has triggered our desire for followers and attention, but its only this era that is doing it because we are the only era in history that were able to.

Lets cherish it and the funny things it makes us do. If its harmless, I should be happy with that.


Thank you again to all my followers and regular readers, and hello to you if you are new to my blog!

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Happy blogging!

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21 thoughts on “Bloggers are fake”

  1. I’ll admit that my life isn’t the incredibly happy one I paint for everyone on social media. I guess I figure I’ll leave the sad to the blog and keep the happy on FB and Insta.

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    1. It isn’t the happy one for anyone 🙂 But I guess it is good to focus on being happy and spreading that through social media. I think you have the right balance there, blogging is better for more real emotions and thoughts, I prefer to share positive and negative experiences here and refrain from putting them on Facebook for example.

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  2. Good post and good thoughts. It is easy to judge others for being ‘fake’ on media and then turn around and do the same thing you judge them for. Thanks for sharing your good perspective!

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    1. Thank you 🙂 I try to be as honest and non judgmental as I can… and posts like this is something I can reflect on later on. It is easy to judge others and do the same thing, you’re right. Thank you for your comments 🙂

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  3. I understand these thoughts. I think most of us have these kinds of thoughts because of our need to record things somewhere. I usually click pictures to capture a moment. Later on when I look at the pictures, I remember the moment as relive it.

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    1. It is nice to relive these moments and I do believe photography is important. I am pleased you do as not everyone takes photos to relive the moment later on.

      I hope my post doesn’t sound to negative xD


  4. Of course Blogs are fake and the same is true for readers on WordPress only clicking int that fucking “like” star. They will know what they want when you give it to them. You can’t know what’s going to be read in your Blog. No way. No one does. Another reason to write what you care about, because you can’t even know the kind of text someone wants to read. Writing is not for wimps. It takes colossal mental and spiritual energy. It’s hard work. Do it long enough, you’ll have hemorrhoids and a bad back. If you’re only trying to make money, you’ll never survive the bone-grinding difficulty of the process. So, for God’s sake, have something to say. Why do you want to write? Why are you passionate? What matters to you!? What can you write, that you care about, that people will be interested in reading, that you know about? What story do you have the right to tell, more than any other writer out there?

    Akers, William M.. in “Your Screenplay Sucks.”

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    1. I know, the ‘like’ situation is annoying. It should only be possible to like if you at least open the blog post, a right now you can like it without even going into it!

      I really like this comment, full of passion! Exactly what is needed for a blogger and I agree 100%. Thank you for commenting and providing this perspective 🙂


  5. I typically take pictures of my food when I go to a new place so I can post a Google review (albeit I’m not in those photos), and sometimes when food is particularly pretty or appetizing (or I cooked it myself!) I might post to social media, but neither of those things are fake, I don’t think. I mean, I am there, and I’m documenting with a photo exactly what’s being presented. It’s kind of as real as it can get?

    I also like pictures of a lot of the people I follow showing off their outfits or really pretty places that they’ve been. It may have taken quite a few shots to get that one they pick (probably too many), but again, I don’t think of it as fake when yes, these are the clothes so-and-so is wearing today or this is the place they physically are. I know photos can be manipulated, but they’re a great form of documentation of real things. It’s just such a strange word to use, especially in the current climate (in American specifically) of people refusing the believe the truth.

    But then, yes, we shouldn’t all live behind the lenses of our cameras and our phones. What a conundrum!

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    1. I do believe social media is great for the reasons you have mentioned, and I don’t think for a second what you said is ‘fake’ 🙂 I do this a lot too! Especially if I am pleased with something I have cooked (which is rare haha).

      Thank you for haring your thoughts Ashley 🙂

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    1. That is true. If it isn’t harmful or disrespectful, I should show respect. Thank you for being respectful towards the social media generation(s)!


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