Australia doesn’t rain?

I was never warned. But what I like about Brisbane is that the majority of streets in the shopping/food districts have these roofs that overhang the pavement, making it possible to wander the city centre and stay relatively dry despite the rain.

And when it rains here, it pours. I’ve realised that living in warmer climates, drizzle isn’t as much of a thing here. It’s either lovely and sunny or it really lashes down.

The last week or so has been like this, nothing but grey skies. I mentioned yesterday that I love it when I’m hungover, a few days of rain is lovely. And due to the number of sunny days this country sees I make the most of the rain when it hits.

Apart from the itchy feet. I hate itchy feet.

But don’t worry rain, there are a few Brits out there that appreciate you. There’s not many, but we’re out there.



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10 thoughts on “Australia doesn’t rain?”

  1. It rained in Sydney for the last 2 weeks, and we were camping on holiday. That’s why my camping pictures on my blog are so drery and my last post about spiders.

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    1. Do you mind it though? I remember going to a festival and it rained so much… I hated it because it was freezing too. I mean I loved the festival, just not the weather xD


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