The journey started here.

I was looking through my older posts for a ‘throwback’ post, as I have so many posts that I would like to share again that have sunk into the murky depths of daily blogging. It is nice to remind myself how far my blog has come, and what got me here.

I was searching for posts that I shared on this day in 2017, exactly a year ago and at the start of my Australia journey. It turns out I didn’t post at all in the whole month of October, my last post was this one on 31st August. I didn’t post again until my visit to the Blue Mountains outside Sydney in November. The whole of September and October was spent job searching and getting to know the city I temporarily called home.

But this was nice to read. I remember this train journey so well, probably because it wasn’t my usual train journey despite being a familiar route. It was one that had my sister and mother waving to me from the platform and knowing I wouldn’t see them for a long time. I cannot wait to see them again in January, this time they are visiting me and I cannot wait for them to see Sydney for themselves.

When I first thought September would be the most realistic month for me to save enough to travel at the beginning of the year, it seemed so far away. Now, here I am in first class (at the amazing cost of £30), on route to London.

A slight jump as I sit down, realising that the seats recline. And… I don’t have to sit next to anyone! A free glass of white wine recently topped up and a pretty decent duck wrap. I’m not used to first class, I’m looking around to ensure I am not doing anything that will expose me as an economy traveller. So far, so good.

Then, autocorrect proved itself to be the devil as I described what I was having on the journey to my mother.

My mum has a new phone number. I don’t have a new mum.

As soon as you leave the station in Durham the most beautiful view awaits. How many routes around the world are this beautiful?

I’m roughly half way through my journey to London. That of course is hardly a dent in my journey to Sydney. The wine makes this a great start. The next 72 hours are going to be tiring, but worth it. It’s a shame to leave my family however it is a great opportunity now for them to visit me in a place they have never been. That is the best way to look at any goodbye, an opportunity for a new hello. This time, the same hello, just on a new adventure.


R.B 16.10.18

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21 thoughts on “The journey started here.”

    1. Haha yes totally, and this first class train was cheaper than economy by a large margin! The deals are certainly out there to be found…


  1. That picture in the train is just so perfect ❤ I could get used to such an environment with a book in my hands and a cup of tea before me. What more could I wish for? I bet the ride was great in first class!

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    1. I love train rides and flights. I think it’s because it gives me an excuse to do very little as I have no other choice, where as if I’m sitting at home I am always thinking of other things I could be doing! Such transportation gives me the chilled factor.

      First class was great. And I found 3 hours on the train was the perfect amount to enjoy it without boredom creeping in.

      I hopefully a similar deal on first class comes your way!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I hope they’ll come my way too, but with free student tickets I doubt I’ll get any first class ones too soon 😅 it’s still ok nevertheless, for a two and a half hour ride back home. I have time to read and listen to music in my earphones to my heart’s content!

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Well free is always good ☺️ especially for a two and a half hour ride! That’s amazing. Expect to pay around £100 in the UK for that. And I thought my £30 for three hours was the bargain of the century!!

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      3. The free tickets are only for students though 😅 and free just for the train. Busses and the metro have discounts. Still, it’s much better than nothing and I’m grateful for it. Surely I’m not the only one thinking this way 😁

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      4. Haha I hope more people appreciate it, student discounts are a big help. My student card lasted two years longer than it should have, I remember my last purchase was a Harry Potter movie ticket xD


  2. Is it bad that my phone is so old or else so proper that it won’t autocorrect or autosuggest curse words when I’m intentionally typing them? Haha

    I just realized I don’t think I ever asked you this travel related question… do you have health insurance? One of the biggest road blocks to my husband and I ever quitting our jobs or at least reducing them to part time hours is losing our health insurance. Granted we’re both very healthy and rarely need a doctor, we eat well and work out often, but our fear is the moment we stop having insurance will be when catastrophe strikes and we’re saddled with thousands in medical debt for the rest of our lives.

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    1. That’s a phone I wish I had! iPhone always auto corrects to ‘ducking’… so I have no idea why it changed on this occasion! Just my luck.

      And I have travel insurance, which costs a bit but covers me whilst I travel. I am single with no children so I guess this makes it easier. It covers me for pretty much anything and I also get a medicare card here due to a partnership with the UK.

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