eu aren’t invited anymore…

I’m reminiscing about easier times today… Last week when I had the whole weekend off, chilling listening to some live music on a rainy Sunday. At one point a huge group of Europeans walked in, taking part in a pub crawl. 

As a Brit, would I be invited?? 

I have to say I’m relieved that despite the Brexit vote, Europeans are still happy to talk to us Brits. I know no individual should be judged based on a countries actions, but when it is a decision made by the people to leave, I thought maybe we would be at risk of a little alienation. 

But thankfully it’s not the case because most people are nice.

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29 thoughts on “eu aren’t invited anymore…”

    1. Oh no we are all Europeans 🙂 although some will not declare they are European, in the same way that some Texans won’t say they are ‘North Americans’ or even ‘American’. But I imagine that is the case for most countries.

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      1. But the “policy” of May & Co. means not a real invitation and warm welcome for me. So only Scotland remains a wishful destination for me cause Wales I already know.

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      2. Never been to Berlin, but I would like to. I understand there are valid points for both sides of the open border arguments… as Britain is an island it is strange for me to think that people can move freely between countries because it isn’t something we experience, although I like the idea. Obviously if this was bringing an increase in problems (terrorism for example) then I would welcome conversation about whether this was something that needed change. But open borders shows unity, and if countries can have such unity, then great.

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      3. It is really a big step in history that there are open borders between Germany, France and especially Poland after all what happened in 20th century but also much longer before. In the UK people do not know the experience of getting regularly invaded by foreign armies and real destruction. Here in Central-Europe this is a common experience since centuries. The longest war took 30 years from 1618 until 1648. Till today you can find signs and tracks of it. Therefore, the EU for me is first of all a peacekeeping mission but Brexit and other forms of chauvinist nationalism want to revive a 19th century Europe what is completely anachronistic. The 21th century deserves other answers in a world jeopardized by the human species in general.

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      4. Well we have been invaded plenty throughout history however in recent history we can only go off the world wars and the destruction caused during the blitz. Terrible destruction however thankfully the last time we have seen this. This is certainly something that is more difficult to replicate on an island.
        I agree, the EU or any kind of unified organisation would be helpful to promote peace and try to eliminate conflict. This is why I voted in. But we have to go with the decision now and see where it leads. If anywhere…

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    1. The same has been said about the Trump administration too, with racism being more commonplace recently. But I guess this doesn’t mean it’s gotten worse if true, it’s just been made more acceptable. So in a way it’s a good thing for exposing a disease instead of it manifesting in silence. I would rather know the problem was out there so we can deal with it faster!

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      1. Completely agree, people feel like they are able to say what they’ve all been thinking anyway! Hopefully it is an issue that can be dealt with but I think it’ll only be resolved through teachings, especially of the younger generation, older generations are harder to get to.

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  1. You are Europeans, of course! And you will always be – geographical, cultural and historical.
    The Brexit means just that England won`t be any EU club member with access to the single market and further financial aids, without free movement, and without any voice regarding legal frameworks & trade agreements and without influence on the possible future organization & political portfolio of the EU (e.g. defense, border protection, science & education cooperation, welfare, economics) and other change management initiatives ahead.

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    1. It is a mess, whatever the result I just wish we could have some clarity. I voted in, so I’m sad to be leaving, however this confusion and lack of knowing what is going on doesn’t look good for us at all.

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  2. I would like visit Europe in the next 2-3 years and my husband claims we’ll be hated as Americans because of the Trump administration. I certainly hope that’s not the case particularly since I didn’t vote for him.

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    1. You won’t be. I have checked in plenty of Americans into hotels in the UK and that isn’t the case, as long as you are good people you will receive a warm welcome 🙂

      I also met a few Americans during farmwork and every nationality got on great. Obviously it is easy to see hate online on social media or YouTube comments, but this isn’t a true reflection of any nation. I hope you visit, I am sure you will love it!

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  3. We’ve met people from all over ‘mainland Europe’ shall I call it, and around the world during our travels and only one person has even mentioned Brexit and then not in a way that was negative for us. It all seems very far away in India and I think most people travelling want to meet as people without the politics.

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