Ask me anything blog post- #2

Over the last couple of days I have really enjoyed giving advice that has helped me with my blog over its lifespan, as well as answering questions along the way. It reminds me of a post I published in March this year answering some questions after I asked the community if there was anything in particular they would like to know about me. I published the questions and answers in this post- Why I like to work when I travel.

I answered the following questions so will refrain from doing so again, however they can be seen in the above post. They are:

  • Where have you lived and do you have a job that is easy to obtain no matter where you live or do you do a new job each place you live?
  • Have you set a time limit for how long you will stay in one place to work, or are you playing it by ear?
  • How do you make each new place feel more like home when you move?
  • How many countries have you visited? Is there anywhere you went for a holiday and just ended up staying?
  • Why did you decide to travel, and how did you find the means?

The questions were very travel orientated, and of course my blog touches on multiple topics. It has only recently featured travel a lot more as I make my way around Australia, but I also have interests in philosophy, religion, food, gaming, music art. You name it, it is probably in my blog somewhere.

I really enjoyed the Q&A and answering the questions people had for me. As I don’t have too many selfies on my site, I feel it helps get to know me a little better.

So with this in mind, do you have a question you would like to ask me? Whether it is advice from my blogging and travelling experiences, my beliefs and opinions on a topic or my favourite food, I think it would be nice to try and create a post out of each and every question and of course, link to your blog in the process. Anything really, as I enjoy my blog being an open book that isn’t limited to one or two topics exclusively.

I am not the girl in the shot, I am the guy behind the camera. I just like the shot.

I really enjoy asking the community questions though my posts and answering them too. I feel we are getting to know one another more and more with every post and it is great. Who says we are all just fonts on a screen?

As always, happy blogging and I hope to answer some of your questions and gain inspiration for future posts!




Thank you again to all my followers and regular readers, and hello to you if you are new to my blog!

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Happy blogging!


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13 thoughts on “Ask me anything blog post- #2”

    1. Thank you! Variety is great, I remember watching a documentary about someone with a neurological disorder and he said ‘we need variety, and if we don’t have it then we are doomed!’ 🙂

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  1. You seem to spend a lot of time writing, working and exploring. Do you ever just waste a day away watching TV, binging Netflix, etc?

    Also what surprised you the most when you stayed in the United States?

    Liked by 2 people

      1. I find it hard to keep up on my blog unless I am here everyday, so I have sacrificed time on other platforms. However linking them together can be a great way to help expand and grow your blog, it just depends on what you want.


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