On this day: What did you post a year ago today?

It’s funny how we can look back at things and find out today is in fact the anniversary. In this post earlier today I responded to a question I was asked, and was reminded of a post thanking my readers for helping me to reach 600 followers. The post in question was coincidentally dated 7th November 2017, a year to the day.


What a difference a year makes. It is strange to think that twelve months ago I was standing here in the Blue Mountains… in ways it seems like yesterday and due to the amount of travelling I have done since, it also seems a lifetime ago. I get these alternate perspectives with my blog too. This was a relatively recent post considering I have three years worth of posts before it, but I have typed up hundreds of posts since. This was the very beginning of my Australia journey and the moment I truly started to bring my blog to life from its dormant state.


I might start looking more at the blog posts I typed exactly a year ago today. ‘On this day’ might be a fun way to remember my old posts and bring them back to life, reminding myself of previous thoughts I have had and finding inspiration for new ones. It would be great if WordPress had a similar ‘memories’ application seen on Facebook that could help us go back in time to a specific date at the click of a button. Maybe there is a way that I haven’t realised, however scrolling through the published section takes no time at all so I don’t mind.

With this in mind, what did you publish a year ago today from the time you are reading this? You never know, it might be something you are pleased to return to. Let me know in the comments as I always love to hear the responses I receive. Do you still agree with what you said at the time? What did you post about and what has changed since?

It will be interesting to see which of my opinions has changed and which ones I still stand by, as well as seeing how many stories and experiences I have forgotten along the way.

A whole lot can change in a year and thankfully blogging can be a reminder of this.



Thank you again to all my followers and regular readers, and hello to you if you are new to my blog!

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Happy blogging,



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23 thoughts on “On this day: What did you post a year ago today?”

    1. It really is! I was saying this to someone recently that keeps a diary, I love how this diary isn’t in danger of being dropped in water or burned in a fire. That is unless something major takes out our internet access or electrical supply, but that is out of my hands 🙂

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      1. The -40°C was sunrises and sunsets in Saskatchewan, Canada in the winter. The -20°C was a sunset in Ontario, Canada a decade ago when I waded through knee high snow to get to the Lake Huron shoreline for the sunset.

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      2. There are days when the high is -40C in the winter in Saskatchewan. When I was photographing a sunset over a frozen marsh at -40 there was Snow Buntings flying past me to roost in a reed bed so they can survive those temperatures.

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  1. I was probably still mourning the loss of Hallowe’en (I know, I need to get over it) and cursing anyone who dared mention the C word: Christmas!

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  2. Hi Sam, thanks for this, although I didn’t think a year was long ago, when I went back to my blog I realised how much has changed. A year ago I was trying to raise my frequency and let go of attachments so we could dismantle our safe life and go travelling. We also decided to buy a boat to live on when we return, thereby cementing our voluntary simplicity and minimalism process. Here is a link to the one closest to today or yesterday. Slightly crazy, the others in November are a bit more down to earth. https://sadiewolfblog.wordpress.com/2017/11/05/no-more-potatoes/

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