Blogging is therapy

Blogging has always been a way to take the pressure off my mind. I have always been someone that obsesses over thoughts and that ‘off’ switch can never be found. I cannot simply stop thinking things that I don’t want to revisit over and over again, I have to rely on forgetting. This isn’t an easy task.

Now I am not alone in this, I am sure many people are just like me. It isn’t easy to distract yourself enough to override negative thoughts and as we all know, negative thoughts and fear is so much stronger than pleasant thoughts. It is a good thing I guess, our mind trying to focus on the bad things to keep us alive through evolution. But staying alive doesn’t always correlate with staying happy. We have to find ways to link these up.


For me, it is blogging. When I find myself obsessively thinking about something- such as a choice I regret- I blog. It is the punching bag that allows me to release some pressure and share something to people that would like to read and can hopefully relate. I am then not suffering my thoughts alone and I learn fast that others share these same feelings from time to time. It is a reminder that these negative days are the repercussions of being human and if I didn’t have these days, something is wrong upstairs. Bad days shouldn’t be suffered but expected. We are all cars driving down this highway we call life and we shouldn’t mourn the day we get a flat tire, we knew the moment we released the handbrake that it was inevitable somewhere along the journey. The true way to success and happiness is knowing how we overcome these obstacles and keep going, not how long we can sit in silence and feel sorry for ourselves.

These days are inevitable. Ride that wave and don’t get taken under. We can get sad that the sun has set and darkness surrounds us or we can remember that it will rise again tomorrow. What we do in these dark moments determines how much progress we make and determines much greater tomorrow will be.



Thank you again to all my followers and regular readers, and hello to you if you are new to my blog!

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48 thoughts on “Blogging is therapy”

    1. So do I! Well, I find it easier. To read I need to be completely relaxed, whereas even if I am full of energy I can put that into writing. Keep writing! 🙂


  1. Sometimes i feel like im the only one who has a racing mind and wont stop thinking about anything!! My friends are not like me so it feels kind of alone sometimes. I should blog more, i get obsessed over thoughts in my mind and i ‘write’in my mind but i never got down to writing them much as im not sure who would actually be interested to read about things i thimk about . Im trying to blog more!! Hope it makes me feel better.

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    1. This is why it helps me, because I hear from people like yourself that tell me you experience similar things and that we aren’t alone! You should definitely try blogging more to see if works for you too 🙂 All the best.

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  2. I agree so much. Thanks for your candour and honesty you have made me want to be braver on my own blog…which probably makes me life look like a resort brochure..which is a shame. We all gain something when we are honest about our inner selves, pain and fears in our blogs. I resolve to blog more like you!

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    1. It certainly helps me to be honest about my feelings at times, which is a reason why I can sometimes be absent or change style. It also helps my readers to understand my motivations and reasons for posts. Blog in the way you like to blog, however if you would like to blog with more of your personal thoughts and honest feelings, it can feel great 🙂


  3. Spot on. I began blogging precisely because writing is theraputic for me and it was an easy way to get things off my chest and let people know what was happening. It started out as invitation only but I took it public despite my reservations. Keep it up, Sam

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    1. It can be a big deal putting it public if it is a deeply personal blog, so well done on that. My blog has remained anonymous to those on my social media and will remain so for a little longer. I enjoy the anonymity for now. I am pleased blogging has worked for you, I wish you all the best Dave.


  4. Oh my shattered nerves…. i soooooooooooooo agree 😎🤔 to me blogging is therapeutic a way of making sense of that which I couldn’t say out loud for fear of being ridiculed and judged. I’ve been blogging since September 2017 and its been my medicine… hopefully others read it and I touch them emotionally. is my gift to myself and others like me that need to hear it and learn that we are not alone…

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    1. I am sure you will, as readers such as myself love to hear from other people going through similar experiences. Your blogging will be therapy to you and reading it will be therapy to others! It can be a very healthy cycle and I am delighted it has helped you.

      Thank you for sharing your blog, I also have an introduce yourself page that a lot of people have contributed to already and engaged with, feel free to add your link there also if you haven’t already 🙂

      Thank you for your comments!

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    1. Thank you so much Katie for the lovely words, I am pleased you found value in my post. Sometimes I do struggle to not ramble on, I can be staring at the screen for ages waiting for the right words to come! Thankfully they flowed pretty fast in this post.

      I hope you had a great Christmas and have a lovely New Year!

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  5. You encapsulated my thoughts entirely. I find writing incredibly cathartic, even if no one reads it. There’s something about writing it down and throwing it out into the internet that feels like I’m a little less burdened by whatever it was I was thinking or whatever story I needed to tell.

    Lovely words thank you for sharing 😊

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    1. It really does doesn’t it? I feel the same way about it and it is great we have the opportunity to put it out there on cyberspace whether it is for others to read or simply for ourselves.

      I hope you had a great Christmas and New Year, and keep on blogging through 2019!

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  6. Great post, I feel the same way. Just started my blog as part of my New Year’s resolution for 2019 to choose happiness rather than let anger, anxiety, and frustration run my life. The blog is seriously helping me to put things in perspective and reduce my feelings of frustration. Writing is TOTALLY therapy!

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    1. This is great to hear! I really believe it is therapy, whether that is because we are letting feelings out or because we are simply keeping busy, but it has worked wonders for me. I do hope 2019 is full of happiness for you 🙂

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