Behind the Artwork #2 (tilt your head for this one!)

The second piece of art that I wanted to look into was this one, also found in Beverly Place, Katoomba. It has a fairly dark and deep theme, both visually and in the writing accompanying it. It was too long to take a full shot of so I’ve done my best to piece it together.

Much of the writing is readable this way, so having to rotate the image 90 degrees isn’t so bad. There is a third section of the shot that I tried to join onto it but I was way too close at the time, however positioning it upright means you get a good view of the message.

“I’m sorry”

“This is it, this is it, you deserve a better man”

On first viewing it seems like the artist was full of remorse for one reason or another, it would be wise to assume it was to a partner. For this reason I really wanted to look into the artwork and creator. Thankfully the artist provides details on the bottom left hand section of the wall, it can be viewed in the first image just underneath the heart (as if viewing from a standing position) and seen more clearly here.

So it turns out Alex Grilanc is the artist, inspired by a poem written by Phil Wilcox who can be reached via Alex’s Instagram that I have linked below. Alex was based in Sydney however seems to have worked on art nationally and internationally. He has focused a lot of his work around consumerism and this can be seen via his insta channel. The mural above was in fact also created elsewhere, below it can be seen with the poet that inspired it.

Check out his channel for more art and links to associated artists.


Artist: Alex Grilanc with words by Phil Wilcox

Location: Katoomba, NSW, Australia

Insta: @alex_grilanc / @philwilcox


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8 thoughts on “Behind the Artwork #2 (tilt your head for this one!)”

      1. Drop the mic… (Drop the microphone) as in well said when someone makes a profound statement. An artist may drop their microphone after making a point so clear that nothing else needs to be said. Hence the dropping the microphone.

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      2. Yeah that makes sense. I think it was because you said ‘someone’ and not the artist dropping the mic I was thrown off a bit haha. But yes, a mic certainly deserved to be dropped that day!


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