Behind the Artwork

On my recent visit to the Blue Mountains, I shared quite a few photos from Beverly Place, a street locally known for it’s impressive artwork. One of the pictures that caught my eye in particular was this one of a young girl with the Blue Mountains in the background.

In fact, I appreciated the realism in her face that much that I have only just noticed the Blue Mountains backdrop as I upload it again. I love the blue theme running through the image and to make the face so realistic on a brick wall is very impressive to me.

To the right of her face I can see the artist is ADNATE, and he has a website displaying his artwork as well an Instagram. An insight into the artist can be found on his website bio, which reads:

“Adnate is an artist that realises his portraits in spray paint. He has moved past his roots in Street Art, utilising the medium to carry his realist style into the fine art realm.

Heavily influenced by the chiaroscuro of renaissance painters like Caravaggio, Adnate embraces portraiture like the masters of the XXI Century.

Adnate has always held a connection towards indigenous people of their native land, especially with Indigenous Australians.  He paints large scale murals in the main cities around Australia and the world, creating a statement of reclaiming the land that was always theirs.  He endeavours to capture the stories and emotions of each subject he paints, encouraging the audience to feel through their own experience.”

I would really recommend checking out this guys portfolio, his artwork is stunning and this one on display in Katoomba is a great example.


Artist: ADNATE

Location: Katoomba (Blue Mountains), New South Wales 


Insta: @adnate


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16 thoughts on “Behind the Artwork”

    1. Oh that’s good to know! I am from Newcastle so relatively speaking just down the road and I shamefully have never been to Glasgow. I will certainly be going when I am back in the UK and now I know to look out for street art. Thank you!

      Did you enjoy the city?

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I have never been to Glasgow, only Edinburgh so I couldn’t comment however I can understand that with it being a pretty big city. Scotland has such beautiful nature around the cities too, and I bet the street art adds a bit of colour to the cities that are so often under a grey sky!

        Liked by 1 person

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