My Melbourne flight got cancelled because of the storms…

It was looking all promising after finally arriving in Sydney. I met my friend from England near Central Station, it was great to see him again after saying goodbye in September of last year. The short delay I had flying from the Gold Coast to Sydney because of the dust storms on the first day was inconvenient, but now this seems like nothing.

The storms haven’t just delayed our flight to Melbourne, but cancelled it.


So far I have had a great trip. Sydney and the Blue Mountains, then back to Sydney in a five star hotel for the night before flying to Melbourne for four days. This is my first visit to Melbourne however the weather has kind of ruined our plans. We are going to have to improvise.

The worst part about this is that it’s just a bit of rain! No strong winds, no lightning that I can see, just a downpour. I trust the people making the decisions know better than I do, and I have to go along with the decision to cancel altogether. It isn’t all flights though, just a few which is even more frustrating.

I am not going to mention the airline that cancelled and screwed us over (I will tell you about that in a moment, and I am sure some of you Aussies will happily take a guess as to which airline it was) as I don’t want this to be a review blog. This is the same reason I didn’t go into great detail about the stay I had in the Pullman in my most recent post. But what we were instructed to do after our flight was cancelled was to call the customer service helpline provided in the email and go from there.

That we did.

I was told over the phone that we could either be transferred onto a flight in two days time or cancel and get a refund. We didn’t want to have to pay for a hotel for another two nights and miss this much of Melbourne, so we cancelled and got a refund in the hope of finding another flight or an alternative. After that we went to the airlines service desk to see how we would go about getting our bags back.

Upon arriving at the desk we were then told that if we didn’t cancel over the phone we could have been transferred onto a flight in two days time and got accommodation included! This was not mentioned during the call and because the refund was already in the process of being provided, we couldn’t change our decision. So here we were, no flights available the following day and no free accommodation for the night.


Our options if we want to get to Melbourne are either wait for a flight in two days, or get the train down. A train taking 12 hours. We got the train back into Sydney in the rain and booked a hostel for the night whilst we thought about it. Yep, I know I said we wouldn’t book a hostel on this trip but it was the most convenient for us. Seeing my friend have to stay in a hostel for the first time certainly made the night more entertaining that it would have been. That and the food we bought in Sydney’s China Town certainly brightened up our very wet evening.


But you know what, we really didn’t complain as much as we could have. In fact as we were leaving the airport, we hardly mentioned it again. We got on with it and didn’t waste a breath on what we couldn’t change. I think this is important in times like these, to understand that if it cannot be prevented, remain optimistic. A negative attitude really won’t change anything apart from make us even more miserable and if the worst thing we are going through is a cancelled flight, then life really is good.

In hard times, remember that life could be much harder.

I will speak to you all soon with an update on our next move!



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12 thoughts on “My Melbourne flight got cancelled because of the storms…”

  1. I have had those experiences, both for weather and the illnesses of loved ones, which have resulted in past destinations remaining on my radar screen. May your long life bring you to Melbourne-and to Tasmania, Adelaide, Uluru, Perth, the NT and as far beyond as you care to go.

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  2. In February 2015, “Snowmaggedon” closed Boston’s Logan for two days…just as I was about to fly home from an 11-day trip to San Francisco for NOIR CITY. Amazingly, I was able to get a nearby hotel room in Burlingame (which was charming), and a cousin-by-marriage took me to his club one night, so it could have been MUCH worse.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Snowmaggedon sounds pretty epic/bad!! At least you managed to work something out and maybe even benefit from the delay. Our Snowmaggedon in the UK would be for a few inches of snow haha.

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  3. Cancelled flights are the worst! We were supposed to do a long weekend in Chicago this past October and our flight was cancelled, it was the only one. I still don’t entirely understand why if it was mechanical or what happened. They wanted to book us on a later flight but as we were only going to be there Sat – Mon it didn’t seem worth losing all of Saturday visiting our friends. We took the refund instead and did a group phone chat; our friends understood and we’re hoping to visit next year though I have yet to find any flights as cheap as that one I had booked. It seems there is no “off season/cheap time of year” to fly to Chicago!

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    1. That’s so strange, especially considering they didn’t give you an explanation. Very frustrating. Do you use Skyscanner? It brings up the cheapest flights and cheapest month to fly which is handy to help you make plans. I love it!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. It’s a website but probably an app too, it searches every single site for the best deals and lets you know them. If you are unsure of which dates to travel just click ‘cheapest month’ and it will show you the cheapest prices for every single day in the calendar. That’s how I booked my London to Sydney!


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