Surviving a 12 hour train ride from Sydney to Melbourne

So, our flight was cancelled. There were no re-bookable flights today to Melbourne, so the train it was. Even if this is a twelve hour journey, we still get there much sooner than we would have if we booked the next available flight. I mean, if it is an experience I can blog about it’s well worth it, right?

So with that, here is my next travel update.

From the creator of “My Flight was Cancelled Because of the Rain”, here is:


I had way more fun creating that than I care to admit. But please, sit back, relax and allow me to describe how much fun I could have been having in Melbourne in these twelve hours if my flight wasn’t cancelled. Here is a little insight into my journey.


Now to be fair, we booked a first class cabin. Our seats didn’t recline like they would have done in economy, but we had so much more legroom and this was an absolute necessity on such a long journey. I am not sure how many, if any, in economy were also doing Sydney to Melbourne (there were plenty of stops in between) but to those that did, I salute you. There was room to move about throughout the cabins, but unlike a flight of such a duration, no on-board entertainment.


There was also no WiFi during the trip, so having enough data to see you through is a must. That or a good music selection. Or a need to sleep. Any of these will keep you sane.


I did like the little rooms we had and the corridors leading through the carriages. It reminded me of any movie I have ever seen featuring a long train journey. On a night time, travellers are allowed to close the curtains, but only on night journeys. Bunk beds can also be pulled out from above the seats, but again strictly for overnight commutes.


Having the door open or closed didn’t really affect the legroom as I could pretty much stretch my legs regardless. Closing the door added a little more privacy, but because you can’t close the curtains it didn’t make too much difference.


Half way through the journey we got peckish. What I really liked about the train is that anyone could wander down to the food carriage and purchase food and beverages. It had to have such a carriage on board of course with those in the same boat as us not having time to jump off and grab a snack at any of the stations. This was a few carriages down thankfully… any closer and I would have probably paid this man a visit a lot more often. Boredom and eating go hand in hand.


I call this stop ‘Dwayne’s World’.


We were told that this plug socket was only for shavers, however lots of people used laptops and phones and staff members walked by without saying anything, so we used them. It is crazy to think a train journey of this length wouldn’t have plug sockets for phones and laptops!


Now I mentioned no on-board entertainment earlier, that was the case until the driver got very angry with a certain passenger for smoking in the toilets, setting off the smoke alarm and shutting down the air con in some of the carriages. He talked to the passengers over the speaker system, unaware of who the culprit was and saying ‘whoever you are, you are an incredibly stupid and selfish individual and if anyone knows who it is, please give him or her a big thank you from me.

What a legend.

After this great speech (probably hour ten or so) I noticed a few rooms were vacant. I made the most of the space whilst my friend slept and enjoyed a room to myself.


The countryside reminded me of being back home. The lush green fields outside the window was like taking the train from Newcastle to London back in September 2017 for my flight over here. It was nice to be reminded of home.


And eventually after almost a whole day on the tracks and a million stops, we could see Melbourne on the horizon. And what a good feeling it was to see this great city! It sure looks huge, and despite only having a couple of days to enjoy it, I am sure we won’t run out of things to do.

Melbourne updates coming soon…




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49 thoughts on “Surviving a 12 hour train ride from Sydney to Melbourne”

    1. True, but I love the views from a plane window during the day! Even if it of nothing but cloud, the constant change of shapes and forms is pretty beautiful. But the views are much closer on a train 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Always a lovely view from a train ride, and it seems like there is a lot of nostalgia there for you when thinking of them as you use to ride with your grandparents. Lovely memories 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

    1. It is a long journey! It isn’t one I would really recommend as it isn’t a trip you would do for the views, however if you like a train journey it was pleasant. A car journey must be a long one too!

      Liked by 1 person

    1. I think you would have loved the little 3x seat rooms you get in first class with your social anxiety in mind, it wasn’t too much more to upgrade and have the room to yourself and whoever you’re travelling with. There was two of us in the room, but thankfully noone booked the third seat along the way 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I think they used to have those on British trains, but certainly not anymore. There’s actually one reason I don’t like first class…I don’t want someone buzzing around me offering me drinks, etc as that would require me to remove my headphones and talk. I tend to just travel when it’s not a peak time or on routes that I know won’t be busy.

        Liked by 1 person

      2. I know what you mean, they should have a ‘do not disturb’ sign on first class seats haha… but then again it would probably be better to be in economy anyway as you wouldn’t get the benefits of first class, apart from the comfier seat of course 🙂 do you travel a lot via public transport/trains?


      3. I try not to haha. I like trains though but I can’t use buses or taxis I tend to use my bike as much as possible if I need to go anywhere after my last traumatic experience I’m done with flying too. I prefer standard class just because I want to be left alone. Besides trains here are generally comfortable

        Liked by 1 person

      4. I am sorry you have had a traumatic experience! This can really put one off that mode of transport again I am sure. Our city has just got motorised scooters that you can hire and are dotted around the city, they are so cool! If you get them near you, give them a try 🙂


      5. It’s the “public” part of public transport I don’t like. But at least on a train, you can get up and move to a different seat / carriage if the people you’re sat by are annoying. I’m not sure I’d be good on a motorised scooter. I’d probably crash or fall off lol. Besides, cycling is probably the only thing that keeps me (somewhat) fit

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  1. I’ve always wondered what this train journey would be like! I look forward to seeing your Melbourne posts (I just moved away after living there for 8 years!)

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hopefully this gives a little insight! I’m looking forward to updating my blog on the Melbourne trip, will be up in a couple hours 🙂 I loved the city and can’t wait to be back!

      Where did you move to?


    1. Great! First class wasn’t that much more expensive but it was worth it, much easier to unwind in a private cabin 🙂 What are your plans around it?


    1. Same, unfortunately we didn’t get to see what it would look like with the beds made. It would be so weird but cool to wake up for breakfast on a train!


  2. ah that crazy 12 hours…I have done it in the reverse…Melbourne to Sydney….would I do it again..not sure. I have also done it many times from Albury to Sydney and back when living in Albury. I sit in economy but as the seats are all facing forward there is plenty of room. I often get a meal which is around $9 probably gone up a bit by now. Also a couple of wines goes down well. On one trip Christmas Eve we had a guitarist on board….so we sang nearly all the way from Albury to Sydney….


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