Behind the art #2

From the comments I received after my Melbourne street art post, it seems like the following photos were your favorites. I agree the artwork is amazing and I always enjoy looking up the artists.


This one was was easy to find. Dvate enjoys drawing artwork of his name, as well as birds and other animals. Over at it says the following about the artist:

‘Dvate is a Melbourne based artist and graphic designer whose position in the street art scene is well established and can be seen on walls, canvas and in magazines both locally and internationally.

Growing up in Melbourne, a stone’s throw from a railway station, he was instantly drawn to the colourful work along the suburban railway lines and in 1996 began experimenting at leaving his own mark on society.’

Insta: @dvate


This is Adnate, an artist I looked up recently in my Blue Mountains blog post. You can learn a little about him there, he is a great artist with some incredibly realistic paintings. It was great to see his work again!

Insta: @adnate


I think this is a personal favourite for me. The realism in the face is again incredible, and I am pleased the artists name is clear. Over at, a little insight into this artist:

‘Known for his photo realism graffiti work, Smug, or Smug One, aka Sam Bates, is an Australian contemporary street artist of great skill. Using nothing but spray cans, he was able to gain mastery over a difficult task of making highly technical pieces that are somehow edgy, cheeky, and incredibly playful. In order to recreate absolute realism, artists usually have a lot of time on their hands, tiny and precise brushes, and a quiet work space where no one will disturb them. Those are the three things that none of the graffiti writers have at their disposal, and yet, some of them, Smug being the perfect example, are able to create amazing large-scale wall pieces that look like they could be photographs. There is hardly a compliment of greater significance for any artist attempting to work in photorealism.’

Insta: @smugone


Another photo-realistic piece is of these two beautiful women, work of Rone and another artist that seems to enjoy painting faces. The faces vary, but it seems like some faces appear quite regularly in his/her work. It isn’t just created on city walls, but also on abandoned buildings and silo’s.

Insta: @r_o_n_e


So a brief little intro into these amazing artists, with links to their Instagram for more of their work. Were these your favourites too? Thank you to those that commented on my earlier post and letting me know these were your favourites!

Location: Little Bourke Street, Melbourne.


Thank you again to all my followers and regular readers, and hello to you if you are new to my blog!

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16 thoughts on “Behind the art #2”

  1. Thanks so much for this Sam!! I’ve just realised that Adnate is the artist who painted a mural in Newcastle on the side of a car park, which really caught my eye when we were there a few years ago, it was amazing!! One of those pieces of at that I couldn’t tear my eyes away from! It sounds like it might be lost though as the car park might be pulled down which is a massive shame. He has done more work in the city though apparently, so I am looking forward to checking it out if I can when I return there soon!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. That’s cool! His artwork seems like it will be easy to spot due to his style, so hopefully you are able to spot some more whilst out and about. It really is a shame if the one you mentioned has been pulled down!

      Liked by 1 person

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