My views this morning

There is no better feeling than waking up early on holiday and getting a little exercise done. I fib to myself plenty and pretend that a lie in feels so much better, but it really doesn’t. Not when I realise those extra couple of hours could have been used to do something much more productive and makes the day seem so much longer.

It also helps to have a great view to look out at. One that is different from every other morning and is extra motivation. I am still feeling a little shitty from my illness but it hasn’t stopped me from wanting to make the most of the day.

As I was gazing out of this window at the concrete jungle before me I had my latest existential crisis. Yes, they really do hit me anywhere. I thought about just how unbelievably crazy it is that we are all just on this floating ball of rock heading to who knows where in this eternal universe at the speed of light without a clue as to where we have come from, and we just get on with our day. We just work our little jobs in our little cars and have created our own little bubble that- for the majority of us- rarely consists of thinking about what is above and beyond that blue sky. Every building rising from the earths materials and more impressive with every passing century, sometimes I feel like we are an alien species. I mean this view would probably look alien to earlier humans and the fact that we are a thriving civilisation in this endless expanse is pretty damn alien. The blue sky helps, it looks more like a window to the universe than a roof hiding it from us on a more overcast day.

Today I feel very alive.


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16 thoughts on “My views this morning”

  1. Good morning 🌞 It feels always good to wake up in a good mood ready for what this day has for me and how I’m going to face any challenges if there’s new ones!
    I believe what’s behind this beautiful sky is even more “alien” than the current view😊
    Happy blogging!

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  2. I always wake up early when on holiday, and sometimes come home more tired than before I left. But it’s a good tired, with the soul, body, and mind having been recharged. I will always trade sleep for adventure!

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    1. I know what you mean, I feel more reason to get up early when I know I have the chance for adventure. But saying that, despite not working I fall asleep much earlier than I do when not on holiday. There is something that drains my energy but that good sleep makes me feel energised the following morning!

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      1. Funny – I too fall asleep much earlier when on holiday! Having slept in a tent for four months this past year, I became more in tune with the daylight hours. Despite being constantly on the move and sleeping on the ground (sometime in the bitter cold), I felt more rested than I ever do waking up in a bed at home.

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      2. Very interesting! I couldn’t imagine living in a tent for so long (I have never been a big fan of camping!) however it seems like it didn’t cause a hindrance to your sleeping which is great and fascinating to think. I bet you had some interesting stories!

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      3. It’s funny, but with the exception of a couple of cold nights, I actually got more sleep and felt more rested on this camping trip than I have in years. It must have been more physical activity and less time staring at a screen. (She writes, after having spent all day staring at a screen, haha!)

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