Why not choose the Exit seat?!

What I have noticed on my recent flights is that I always seem to be asked about taking the emergency exit seat. Usually I am flying by myself however my mum and sister were with me this time around and all three of us were offered it. Is this something that is offered to everyone, it’s just that most people decline? I don’t know, but I don’t mind it at all.

I mean for starters… All that leg room!

I can almost stretch my legs out fully, and being 6ft this is very good stuff.

The downside I found out was when I saw everyone in front of me start to recline in their seats after the seatbelt sign went off. I thought ‘that’s a good idea, I’m knackered’ before realising that I didn’t have that little button on my armrest. So basically we sacrifice the reclining chair for the leg room. And I don’t know which I prefer. Probably being able to put my seat back on a night flight (as I will be trying to sleep anyway) and the leg room during the day.

And of course being near the wing means the view is… of the wing. And I had one of my deep thoughts out this window as I could see little else than the engine keeping us airborne. I thought how strange it was that most of us on board have very little idea how the aerodynamics work on such journeys, we are all just lucky that a small number of humans have figured it out throughout history and made it possible and we just pay for a ticket and use it. They say it’s embarrassing that some people still clap when the plane lands (does this actually happen by the way? I’ve never seen it) however in my head that’s exactly what I want to do. I mean, it’s something humans only in the past few generations have been able to do in our 200,000 year existence, why shouldn’t we do a little celebrating!

Saying that, I usually do that via a beer or two.


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15 thoughts on “Why not choose the Exit seat?!”

  1. I think the seat is part of the issue. The other one, if the flights haven’t spelled it out, is that the person at the emergency seat exit is expected to help the flight crew get the door open and help passengers evacuate.

    At least it USED TO be that way. No idea if that’s changed.

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    1. Oh we are still expected to help in the event of an emergency. In fact you have to listen to a separate emergency demo in case we need to open the door. But the even of this happening is so rare….plus I like the idea of being close to the door if it did!

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  2. We had exit seats from Melb to Sing. It was great can recline etc. Problem was watching movies. The movie thingy didn’t work.
    The pros of having so much leg space, even more space than premium economy meant we had a good night sleep.
    I booked quite early thus got the seats without requesting it. My daughter booked the same time but because she code share she didn’t get the seatings. She booked with Virgin and her tickets were cheaper.
    She was miffed when she found out as they couldn’t sleep at all.
    Sometimes it helps to book early and with the airline direct.

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    1. Oh no the movies didn’t work?! That would kill me haha. But at least (some of you!) had a good night sleep. I have never booked with the airline direct, might have to give it a go.

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  3. Super low key. But only because I’d embarrass my travel companions if I stood up and clapped maniacally while sobbing in relief over surviving another flight. I *may* be a nervous flier.. and I *may* have a flair for the dramatic.😋

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Well at least you still go for it despite the phobia 🙂 And if anything, we should be clapping when we successfully get to the airport safe from a car journey… much more dangerous!

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