My sister did the SkyPoint Climb and it looked terrifying 

As I recently mentioned in a post, I’m not the best with heights. I don’t do rollercoasters. As much as I would love to say I’ve skydived, the thought of it terrifies me. A skyscraper however, I can just about do.

Whilst we were up in the Q1 Tower, we noticed this guy calmly walking up the steps followed by a group. We soon found out that it was possible to book another experience up here, one that takes you from the 750ft SkyPoint observation deck and outside and up to the 885ft observation deck for the crazy fools.

Families also watched the bravest of the group make the climb from a safer environment.

Pre climb safety briefing… And my sister was part of this one. She said screw it, let’s do this and booked to go up at sunset. I admire my sister for this, not just for her bravery but her ambition to do these amazing once in a lifetime things.

The sunset trip cost a little more, but it seems to be worth it. The views during sunset were amazing.

See ya!

These initial first steps would be very hard for me. Like a roller coaster, that slow climb to the top, every moment a little higher… That would kill me.

I see you!

That’s the spire you can see from the ground. This itself is over 97m tall and weighs over 87 tonnes.

As my sister went first, I could tell where she was during the climb. Here she is posing for photos.

And here are the professional ones from the summit.


I can see why she did it, and why conquering such a fear has amazing benefits.


Interesting fact. The first ever highrise on the Gold Coast was the Kinkabool, a heritage-listed building that can be seen from the Q1.


Could you imagine imagining today’s skyline in the 60’s? The highrise back then would have overlooked every other building. Now it’s dwarfed. Gotta love time.

The climb down is exactly the same, down the opposite end of the tower. I would imagine this is where my relief would kick in… But then again seeing the city below me instead of seeing sky like I would climbing up would probably cause problems.

And she’s down! With a smile that makes it obvious how amazing this experience was.

Is it possible to urge people to do something like this considering how reluctant I am to do it? I guess so. I mean, there will be people out there that are terrified like me, but with more willpower and just a little more mental strength and the ability to override the ‘no’ switch in our brains. Maybe this person is you, and with this view, it isn’t hard to see why people push themselves to overcome such a fear.


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