Eat Street

There is a place in Brisbane that I have been to three times now however need to revisit at least another fifty if I am to get the whole experience. You know like unlocking all those trophies in a video game to get 100% completion, that’s the feeling I get.

That place is Eat Street Northshore just outside of Brisbane, I gave you a little teaser a week or so ago when I was there and said I would blog about it again as I had taken a few photos. I may have blogged about it in the more distant past as well I am not sure, I have definitely posted to Instagram from EatStreet so the chances are I gave a little upload to WordPress too. But these are certainly fresh pics and who doesn’t like fresh pics?

Now I am unsure what that trophy would be for eating at every single one of the stalls here, maybe a donut the size of a car tire or something. I also wonder if any of the locals have achieved it, that sure is one epic man vs food style challenge considering how big this place is.

So far I’ve had Thai.

I’ve had Brazillian.

I’ve had an epic ice cream the size of my head from this dessert section.

But with the sheer amount of food stalls on offer, I am nowhere near satisfied enough to tick this off the list just yet.

It is easy to get to from the city centre, roughly 15-20 minutes depending on traffic or a 50 minute journey up the Brisbane River on a fast boat. This time round we took the fast boat and it was a really good journey.


I like the atmosphere, there are bands performing on the two stages here over the weekend (it’s only open Friday to Sunday), pets are allowed in which is cool, it’s in the direction of the airport so planes are flying overhead however not too loud… It just feels very active and I like that.

And the food is as good as the sunsets over the Brisbane skyline that can be seen downriver. Every now and then they will have fireworks, I have seen them twice in the three times I have been so I am unsure why some days have them and some don’t. Maybe you know why this is? Let me know if so.

Perfect doesn’t exist, but it doesn’t mean we shouldn’t settle for damn near perfect with anything in life really. Just don’t be like this skeleton and wait too long.

I agree the candy floss is Instagram worthy as it states below, however warning it melts very fast. And it incredibly sticky. Australian summer isn’t the place for candy floss it seems.

So if you’re around Brisbane as a local or visitor, this place is well worth a visit. Just don’t eat beforehand as there is plenty choice here and that is the main focus of the venue. However if you are one to get full easily don’t worry, the live music makes it worthwhile.

You never know, there may be a surprise proposal too…


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19 thoughts on “Eat Street”

    1. I can barely eat for myself! I tried to limit the portion sizes this time which worked a little, however it is hard to keep eating as much as I want to be able to haha.

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  1. We’re from Brisbane but live in New York. We used to come back each holiday and smugly recount how cool Smorgasburg was. Then Eat Street arrived and out-hipstered and out-foodie’d Smorgasburg. We love it and how they pay tribute to the local music scene.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. It sounds like you are spoilt for food choice whether you are here or there! I just had to Google that as I hadn’t heard of it, but thank you for letting me know! I agree I like the music they have on there, I have discovered some cool artists.

      Thank you for the comment!

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      1. Sadly I will only be here until the beginning of March and then I am heading down to Melbourne. I am from the UK but on a working holiday, so I have been working with a company for 6 months, as this is the longest you can work with any one company. Then September back home 🙂

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    1. Update: I went yesterday! However I didn’t get to try the oysters… I was convinced that it was open to 10pm even on Sundays but it shut at 8pm… never got the chance! I will try again on visit number 5…


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