Growth is more important than the view count

Yesterday I mentioned in my post Accidental Anniversaries that I was very close to my record view number for any day I have had in the four years I have been blogging. I also mentioned that as I only had 15 minutes until midnight, posting about it probably wouldn’t help achieve a record view count as most views would spill into today’s statistics. However funnily enough I had a quick surge in views, more than usual for the first 15 minutes and I did in fact achieve this, so thank you to everyone that viewed the post. Seeing a record broken every now and then shows progress and growth and it is great to build momentum and motivation to keep pushing. I am very grateful.

As a result I received some lovely comments from followers in support, with some stating the view count and how they are a little way off this number. For me, the number isn’t the main focus, it is the continued growth.

I remember having less that ten views a day on my blog, I had it for a long time in the first couple years whilst I was blogging much less. I only blogged a couple of times a week and wasn’t consistent with it. Only blogging once or twice a week is fine if you are consistent with it. That is the key to growth. I then remember when I started devoting more time to the site and these numbers grew to the 50’s. This only occurred when I devoted an equal amount of time to my blog each week and if I fail to post for a couple of days my views will easily reduce to that number again. I mean look at my views in the last few days… my views went from 126 two days ago as I didn’t post to 563 the next day!


If I don’t post for a week my numbers will drop down to 10-15 views, from previous experience. Readers enjoy consistency as much as content which is understandable as if I am following someone, I need to know that they will deliver consistently and on time. Our lives are way too busy to tolerate inconsistency and we get bored easily. That and there are too many bloggers out there being consistent for people to choose from.

So for me, the statistics aren’t that important, that isn’t the key to success. It is staying and being consistent with the blog and ensuring that delivering no matter how frequently that it is consistently. You will notice that the daily stats will rise like a set of stairs on the chart which is very fitting because it is a great visual to observe, showing that the blog is on the rise. Stop with that routine and it’s like a game of snakes and ladders… Before you know it you are at the bottom again.

This shows me how hard people have to work to get to where they are and for the most successful bloggers, I salute you. Our success depends on how much we want it and as long as today’s stats are higher than yesterdays, the number isn’t important.


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Featured Photo by Mikito Tateisi on Unsplash


Thank you again to all my followers and regular readers, and hello to you if you are new to my blog!

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18 thoughts on “Growth is more important than the view count”

    1. No worries, thank you so much for stopping by and for the kind words. It really helps me continue to blog, and I wish you all the best on your blog 🙂


    1. It really does take a lot of hard work and dedication, it isn’t something you can keep up if you don’t love it. Thank you so much for the words of support, I really appreciate it 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

    1. It is great you have the ambition, as long as you are putting enough effort into growth and remaining present on your blog you should have no problems achieving what you want 🙂 I wish you all the best!


    1. It can be hard! I like to be as consistent as possible, however have found the motivation to schedule posts difficult recently. But I do love being here daily. I find that it is much easier to be consistent after the first few days when you get into the swing of things 🙂


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