I just got told off and I don’t know who by (funny update)

*Not so funny update* My post was removed by Reddit, stating ‘Removed: Rule 6’.

Rule 6 states:

‘6. Titles Must Be Exact But Concise Description

a. Titles must not contain jokes, backstory, or other fluff. That information belongs in a follow-up comment.

b. Titles must exactly describe the content. It should act as a “spoiler” for the image. If your title leaves people surprised at the content within, it breaks the rule!

c. Titles must not contain emoticons, emojis, or special characters unless they are absolutely necessary in describing the image.


I don’t know which of these were broken, but whatever. I gained 3.2k likes on this and was well on the way to many more!!



I originally posted this on September last year, and upon reading it again I thought I would upload it to Reddit as they have a r/mildlyinteresting section full of mildly interesting stuff. I thought the card I received that day by staff fit the category so I have uploaded it, and a few folks over there are having a laugh at it.


Here is the post from when it happened.


Originally posted 09/20/2018


I like the State Library of Queensland. What I have found in Australia is that I feel very safe everywhere, even to the point of having electronic devices out in the open.

I know this is silly anywhere.

But with hostel life, your valuables are always exposed. Rarely have I found lockers in rooms and despite this, nothing has ever went missing.

As I have been settling in Brisbane, I have been using this library for the great wifi and silence. It is great to leave my hostel in the morning, grab myself a coffee and make my way down to start the day blogging over one of the many bridges that cross the Brisbane River. Today I felt a little too relaxed and left my laptop on the table for a minute, but I returned to this.

I thought it was someone walking around advertising a product or service with a business card. Nope, just an eagle eyed staff member making sure I look after my things from now on.

Fair play to the staff, and a reminder that it only takes a second to lose something and nowhere is exempt from this.

Now, I am going to clean my laptop… I have just realised from the photo how dirty it is from using it for five months on a farm. Geez.


Re-posted 10/02/19


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29 thoughts on “I just got told off and I don’t know who by (funny update)”

      1. Shaken up. Worst part was two of them had their passports stolen. That was a twelve hour day at the embassy. But they managed to enjoy their trip as much as possible due to the circumstances

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  1. Ha! It took only thirty seconds for a thief, or two, to break into my locked, alarmed car, smash the left windows, no less, and make off with my laptop, which had been laying underneath two day bags. They got a seven-year-old computer, with a loose power pack, which only I could successfully get running. I got a new model and lost no data. Still and all, the library staff is correct.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Nice and vigilant of them! I like to pretend that there’s an unwritten rule in these sorts of places that everyone can step away from their laptop five seconds, and expect to see it again when they return. Maybe not?

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