Be obsessed

I was very lazy growing up, and in many ways I still am. Success in life is often desired but rarely pursued if it isn’t handed to us in the form of a lottery ticket. We know what we want, but knowing and getting are a million miles apart. We know where success is, it’s on the other side of that vast expanse of water. Way too far. And getting there means we get our feet wet, and today is not the day for that. It’s too cold. Or maybe we are too tired. Regardless, there are more excuses than the desire to go for it.


On top of that, if we start today, there is a 99% chance we will still not be at success tomorrow. That would be way too easy. And the fact that it is harder than that is great because it means most people turn back. We have the choice whether or not we want to be the ones that go all the way. Statistically, they don’t. Statistically, we won’t either. But we can change our minds and knowing they aren’t leaves much more space for us to sail on over there.

I remember one of my favourite footballers, Steven Gerrard, talking about being obsessed. A Liverpool and England superstar, he said we need to be obsessed. Now of course he was referring to football in this instance, but it is relevant for us all in whatever we are doing and want to achieve. He said every day on the way to training in his car he would be obsessed to be the best player there and if he wasn’t, he would go home and think about it and try to do it again the following day. Every now and then his talk comes to mind and gives me a little boost for the day. It reminds me that having an obsession isn’t always a bad thing.

To be okay at something we need to do it regularly. To be great, maybe even the best, we need to be obsessed. That is the difference between the two and I think we all have something we are either obsessed by, or capable of being to succeed to the heights we want to.

It’s hard to be obsessed with something if we aren’t seeing the benefits from that obsession. But it is impossible to gain the rewards without the effort. Effort is an investment we should accept without the pay, as the pay will come in time. It will reward us in ways we will never be rewarded in a life we aren’t truly living for ourselves. For most of us that is often the life on this side of the water. Stay if you wish, but the hard work getting over the water is an incredibly small sacrifice for a lifetime of freedom.


Featured Photo by Matt Lamers on Unsplash

Second Photo by Paul Gilmore on Unsplash and edited by me.



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16 thoughts on “Be obsessed”

  1. It goes for the arts as well and generally, it is men that are considered the more genius here as men have the biological make-up to be obsessive. If you look throughout art history, female artists that succeed (in a great way) generally did not have families. The female artist that did create art but were not AS successful had to raise a family and be nurturers first before dedicated time to their craft….

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    1. It is interesting to consider both genders and how behaviour/characteristics/factors play a role in the arts… I have listened to a few people over time talk on such topics and it is fascinating. But I could definitely look into it a lot more.

      Thanks for the interesting insight into this!


  2. I agree that success seems like an ocean miles away that we can not reach. We should work to get relevant in this world and we make our paths to not be ordinary but life has it’s ways of shifting everything and the opportunities that are presented to us. I believe that rewards without the effort are legends we follow in other to make us fell good about doing nothing to change our reality. We can change that path by choosing to make the effort to get there. The best way is to choose to be a better human being everyday a little more.

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    1. ‘I believe that rewards without the effort are legends we follow in order to make us feel good about doing nothing to change our reality.’ So true! And very well put, I couldn’t agree more. We need to make the effort, and being the best we can be both morally and work ethic wise will get us far.

      Thanks for the comment!

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  3. You put into words something I have been trying to express but couldn’t really. Working hard for your dreams is not easy and sometimes, an “easy” (or easier) life can be so tempting. Thank you for such a wonderful post!

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  4. “Be Obsessed.” Indeed we all have something that we could be truly obsessed with to achieve success (However we define it). Honestly, this obsession is the quality that defines the greats and the true achievers from the rest of us. They are the ones who kept putting in the time and effort when everyone else quit and bailed out. Cheers mate, happy trails!

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