What’s wrong with a green laptop?

I was looking at the recent featured image of my laptop from my Reddit post, the bright green shell was met with mixed reviews. One person told me it was a great colour, another told me he wasn’t surprised my laptop didn’t get stolen because of the colour. Mixed emotions to say the least.


What’s your verdict?

Also, I think I am overdue another sticker soon, it has been too long. What Aussie themed sticker should I get next? And who knows, maybe your countries flag will be on here soon!




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39 thoughts on “What’s wrong with a green laptop?”

  1. Back in the 90’s they had these desktop computers with bright colored plastic backs…I always wanted a green or purple one. Your laptop reminds me of that. Do what makes you happy and you should totally try to find a farming sticker!

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    1. I remember them! I thought they looked cool at the time too haha.

      And that is a good idea. Farming was such a huge part of my Aussie experience, and before bed I even looked for them on google after your suggestion. I couldn’t find one but I will keep looking!

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    1. Yeah isn’t it funny how a colour can change the price of things? There would only be a couple of colours that would deter me from buying a product, but usually if it makes it cheaper then I am going for it!


  2. What’s wrong with a green laptop? Mine is currently green backed as well, in fact, is a surprisingly similar shade to yours! I’ve got a sticker lying around on my table with my university’s Computer Science department’s logo on it. (In my uni, you aren’t in your program until second year.) I can’t wait for next year to ‘officially’ be in the department and put that sticker on!
    How about something that says, “We’ve hit the fifty (degree) mark!” I heard Australia’s basically having a heatwave right now. (And we’re seeing a super chilly cold spell in Canada: they’ve had to cancel school thrice this month!)

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    1. Thanks for showing the green some love! I bet it will be great to finally be in the department and whack that sticker on to represent too.

      I have heard that Canada is pretty chilly right now! I am a bit envious with the heat we are having. It is around 35c here today, however we have escaped the extremes in Brisbane this year. Some cities are in the mid 40’s further south and in the north one city is underwater. Hopefully Canada warms up and you go to enough classes to actually make it to second year :p


    1. Is Razer a technology/gaming company? I took a look and that is what Google led me too. I do like the logo and because it features snakes, it is very fitting for my current Australian travels!


      1. Razer is a gaming company, they create keyboards, mice, headsets, etc for computer gamers


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