A quick update on my travel plans

So my last day at work is the 12th March. This is due to my contract ending, 6 months is all I get with one company on a working holiday visa. Shortly after this I will be relocating to Melbourne.


As much as I will miss Brisbane, the 6 month rule is good as it keeps me moving. If I was able to stay longer I would be in danger of staying put, wasting my two year visa not exploring. Two years can fly by, and they are. I wouldn’t want to fly home again and regret not seeing Australia.

I am looking to get straight back into work as I haven’t saved much money. I had a holiday with a friend before Christmas and another with my family just after Christmas, and I am not getting many shifts at work. But this won’t affect my blog and I will be here daily.

So I think my last day in Brisbane may be the 13th March. Not that I want to leave, but sometimes we have to force a change even if it doesn’t feel right. Sometimes these changes are met with big rewards.

Expect many more posts from March onward to be Melbourne related, and I am sure this city will give me plenty to blog about!



Thank you again to all my followers and regular readers, and hello to you if you are new to my blog!

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23 thoughts on “A quick update on my travel plans”

  1. Still a month left in Brisbane for you to enjoy. I love your mentality to keep on moving rather than staying put for a year or two while on the visa. I’m coming up halfway through my first 6 months contract and not sure where or what to do next but that’s the joy of a working holiday visa!

    Let me know if you ever want to grab coffee when you arrive in Melbourne! Always keen to meet fellow travellers and bloggers 🙂

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    1. Thanks, I may take you up on that when I get there 🙂 I will post on here when I arrive.

      Well with winter coming in the next few months maybe escape to somewhere a little hotter up north? Maybe do the east coast! I loved that experience.


    1. 100%. Staying in one place for so long always builds a connection that is hard to break from when we leave. Always a sad moment when we have to say goodbye!


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