I have often seen protests in this square, some more visual than others. This one certainly caught the attention of passers by.

One of the signs reads ‘Milk comes from a grieving mother’, so I’m assuming a vegan protest. I didn’t stay long, just long enough to take this shot. I’m not vegan, although I do understand why such protests occur.

When it is visual, it certainly hits harder. I just wanted to share this as its been a while since I posted something from my daily walks.

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32 thoughts on “Visuals”

  1. Dairy cows are bred repeatedly and their young are often turned into veal. The people in the plastic wrap likely represent the slaughtered calves that the dairy cows are “grieving”, wrapped up like meat on the shelf at the grocery store. I’d be curious to see what the other signs say- if they are protesting the dairy industry specifically or other industrial food practices as well.

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    1. Makes a lot of sense, the plastic wrap girls do look like they are acting as meat at the store or butchers. If they are there again I will take a closer look at all the sings and get a better insight. Thanks!


    1. I have drank soy and almond milk in tea as my sister is dairy free, however I could tell it wasn’t the milk I was used to. However I couldn’t tell you which is closer to milk unless I try it on it’s own!

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  2. I grew up farming. I understand that some of the commercial farm practices are a bit scary and potentially harmful to the environment. I sometimes get so mad at these protesters though. Most dairy farmers take very good care of their cows, because cows literally are their livelihood. Dairy farmers work so much harder than other farmers. I would love for some of the protesters to spend time on smaller farms to see the love, care and compassion That they put into their livestock. I would love for smaller farmers to be supported and to see us all stand against commercialized farms.

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      1. Oh dear…unfortunately when things like this happen they wipe out the smaller farmers. Which is why supporting small farmers is so important!

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    1. I have no experience of dairy farms whatsoever so I can only go off what I hear from those that do, so thank you for the insight. I guess there will always be farms that don’t take as much care and I guess these are the ones the protesters are responding to, however like you said I like to think the majority care for the animals welfare.

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      1. I am always happy to share my farm experiences. I have lived and worked in Agriculture for 29 years, so I have seen a lot of it. I saw my grandpa and dad stay up all night with a sick beef cow to watch them turn around in the morning to take care of the rest of the herd. Most of your farmers have compassion and care.

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