People watching

We are a nosey species. Always wanting privacy but always wanting to know other people’s business. This is why ‘people watching’ is a hobby that many of us have taken up during our chill time. It is especially easy in a city and the variety of people is always fascinating.


This is Queen Street, Brisbane. There are two bars that are 24/7 here, Jimmy’s on the Mall and Pig ‘N’ Whistle. These are ideal for a late night drinks after a shift at the hotel or watching Premier League football. The time zone difference makes watching European football pretty hard.

I went out with a couple of friends last night to watch Tottenham vs Burnley. Before that though we met at Jimmy’s, the bar you can see above. Now these are prime people-watching spots. Open 24/7 and situated in the middle of the high street, literally thousands of people whizz by everyday. It is fascinating to see how diverse we are as a species, but at the same time how similar we behave. Almost everyone trying to fit into the societal norms of acceptance, meaning something as simple as woman with a shaved head or a man with pink hair stands out from the crowd.

I remember working on Sydney Harbour and found it fascinating to see a buisnessman in a suit walking by an aboriginal man playing the didgeridoo. Two completely different cultures living alongside one another and making it work. Of course it doesn’t always work, but we live in a time in which travel is easy in a world full of diverse cultures and ways of life. Travel won’t stop, so co-existing is a necessity.

Anyways, back to Queen Street. I was talking to the British guy at the bar serving me about the roofless section of the upstairs bar, laughing that a no-roof bar in the UK would be crazy. I got my drink and headed to the table when my friend noticed the girl on the table opposite had passed out. Her friends were so immersed in their phones they didn’t even notice.


Don’t worry though, she woke up eventually. Maybe just a power nap before the big night ahead.

Good tactic.



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37 thoughts on “People watching”

  1. People watching is one of my favorite things to do while I’m out. I’m so curious as to what people are thinking and doing. So many millenials (not all!) are on their cell phones so much they don’t stop to smell the roses. Cell phones these days takes away so much from human converstation and taking in whats around you. They are good for pictures and finding new places to go, but sometimes its nice to put them down and enjoy time with friends. As to this “power nap,” I may or may not have taken one before haha

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    1. Looking up can be a real eye opener, seeing how many heads are buried in their phones. But that is only after I stop doing the same thing, I think we are all guilty of it to a degree. It is a great feeling to put it down once in a while… and why do I definitely think you have had one of these naps before?! 😉

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  2. I’m guilty of people watching quite often myself, and it’s not really as interesting as it is with context: the places I frequent are mostly technology buildings and labs, and most of what you see there are kids with their heads in their hands and a laptop before them, completing an assignment. One thing assignment-finishers watching has taught me is that image of kids sitting with a thousand lines of code on black backgrounds is no myth: I have never come across a single person in my entire computer science building who has ever been coding on a white background!
    There’s a Queen’s street not too far downtown in Toronto as well. It’s a very happening street, with at least five night clubs, a graffiti alley, (almost) a stadium (where Muse will be playing in about a month!), an animal hospital and a park as well, I think! It’s interesting how similar in nature both streets are, and yet how different they look! (I haven’t taken any pictures there yet, but I can assure you it looks really good!)

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    1. That is a really interesting insight to coding, Matt! Never thought about it before however if I was asked to imagine coding I would certainly picture a black background!

      Oh how I wish I could code…

      Also, Queen Street to me just sounds like a street that has things going on. And if Muse are there, that’s the street I want to be on!

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      1. You should totally try it if you want to! Since in my uni, I’m in the arts and science faculty, I meet a lot of non-computer science kids, and a lot of them tell me coding looks hard or sounds scary. But there are a lot of people ready to make it a lot simpler once you actually begin with it! Coding is really as fancy and magic as it sounds: you write out a few lines of code, and watch as magic happens on the screen 🙂
        It’s also super cool and helpful, because with some stuff like PHP or CSS, you can basically customize WordPress as you like!

        Queen’s street is definitely happening, and I know exactly when I want to be there: the day Muse are playing!

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      2. I always thought it would be so beneficial, however now I just worry how much time I need to put into it, and I don’t have much free time between work and blogging xD however you make it sound less scary so that’s good. I see the coding option on here, and it makes it very tempting.

        Not just yet whilst I move and focus on this, but maybe one day. Thanks for making it sound less daunting!

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  3. One of my favorate things, when I’m not the one driving, is to watch people in other cars. When you are in a car its easy to feel like you are in your own personal bubble. Seperated from the rest of the world. To bad we forget that the buble is surrounded by glass! The things people do while driving…

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  4. I’m a writer, so people watching is actually a useful tool when trying to combat writer’s block or creating new characters. Of course, I’m also from Boston. Unless I’m looking for inspiration, I mind my own business.

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    1. I bet it is! The world is full of diverse people and I am sure it is really beneficial for creating characters.

      Haha, I have been to Boston… are you saying it is not safe to be in other people’s business, or people just don’t do it?


      1. We just don’t do it. Unless someone is need of medical attention, we stay out of everyone else’s business. It’s kind of why a lot of celebs like Boston. We’ve had a lot of films made here in recent years and the stars like being able to go for a morning run or grab a coffee without being besieged by fans wanting selfies.

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