People of Melbourne, what should I do?

Things for me don’t often hit home until they are right there in front of me. I don’t get the urgency until I have no choice but to act. It used to be revising for an exam, one of my earliest examples of this… That pastime is pretty much non existent. Then just organising my life in general and ensuring things went to plan, such as not agreeing to two events on the same day. I have often realised only the day such a mistake before and well, shit. I usually don’t find the motivation to address something ahead of time, this only really occurs when it is right there in front of me. I can visualise it much better when I see the end of the track, and too often it’s too late I go right through it.


It’s just who I am. Not that I necessarily want it to be this way, I struggle with the planning phase and this has made me into the person that I am today. The kind of traveller I am too. But I like to take each day as it comes on the road, plan little but make the day productive. I don’t know if any of you can relate but I am very stuck in the ‘now’ in life…  And this has good and bad aspects.

This is part laziness, part mental health and low mood. In the past when I have had free time I just liked to do nothing. But the ‘nothing’ was often something unseen, like waiting for certain feelings to pass or get stuck in a never ending abyss of deep thinking. But other times I have tried to escape certain demons holding me back and kept busy, blogging for example. But again, it is rarely scheduled posts and more posts I just type up there and then. These days are behind me thankfully however my day to day living stays somewhat the same. It has moulded my behaviours I guess.

Thank goodness I am on a two year visa, I have plenty of time to find out what I need to do. Six months in Melbourne gives me ample time to see what needs to be seen in Victoria’s Capital. If it was a two week holiday I would probably have a bigger ‘What I Should Have Done Better’ speech in old age. And despite it seeming like I don’t like the way I do things, I find it much easier and more enjoyable to just travel with very little plans. Speak to locals and fellow backpackers and go from there than wonder the web and the seemingly infinite websites aiming to guide me.

But on the other hand, I am thinking damn… I’m going to live in another city in just three days. What have I planned, or worse, what haven’t I planned?!

In three days time, I will be in Melbourne. I cannot wait to get there, meet some people and take in some of these recommendations. And potentially working in hospitality will benefit me greatly here. I have been to Melbourne previously, for two days, and can be seen in my post about the train journey from Sydney here and my brief time in the city here.

I saw a few things whilst I was there. The street art…


The cool little streets with cafes and restaurants…


This building…


St. Kilder…


And a day tour of the Great Ocean Road…


However this was an unexpectedly rushed trip for the reasons I mention in the posts linked, and will make sure to give Melbourne the time it deserves this time around.

I know I have been speaking to a few of you that are either from Melbourne or have visited, thank you for the suggestions and I would love to have more recommendations you and others have for the city. Again, I would much rather speak to those that have seen it for themselves instead of find an article online that could have been written by someone that has never stepped foot here. I have taken on board some of the places you guys have mentioned before, however if I have some of these in one designated post for me to refer back to every now and then (with a shoutout to you if I do it!), this would be greatly appreciated and something I will make sure I do if it is within my ability. I will try my hardest to make it possible, and asking for your advice is me planning more than I have done prior to many trips, so I guess I am improving on this pre-planning thing ever so slightly.

Hello to you in Melbourne if you are there (and to everyone that isn’t of course) and if you have something you feel is a must then I would love to hear it. Who knows, I may even see you there!



Have a great Wednesday,



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38 thoughts on “People of Melbourne, what should I do?”

  1. I love it. You are so telling and descriptive and your photos are absolutely amazing. I can imagine myself in these streets, thank you very much🦋
    It is gratifying to read your updates, thank you, and take care🦋

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  2. Ferry southbank to williamstown for lunch
    Shopping and cafes Brunswick st fitzroy…napier hotel is fab
    Immigration museum
    Weekend getaway (or longer) Wilsons promontory for stunning coastal scenery
    Twitter commentary movies on rooftop cinemas
    Food at Victoria market

    There’s a few….

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    1. Thanks for this, from one Southbank to another! Brisbane’s is really nice so I look forward to seeing Melbourne’s namesake.

      You have provided some great recommendations for me here and I appreciate it, I am going to come back to this post for sure as I aim to do these things. Thank you and look forward to it!


    2. I am looking back at this post as I recall my time in Australia and I wanted to say I went to the Napier Hotel and tried kangaroo and it was amazing! (I am sorry if you’re vegetarian). I was recommended it by a friend also and she insisted I try it and I am glad I did. So thanks for the recommendation!

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  3. I am an excessive planner and sometimes wish I was more spontaneous. I suppose it’s all about finding that balance, isn’t it. I’m sorry I can’t help you, I’ve never been to Melbourne, but I really enjoyed looking at your photos! 🙂

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    1. I am sure planning really allows you to make the most of such trips though! I am jealous you have the motivation for it. But yes, the balance is key and spontaneous can be very fun. But good on you for planning ahead, don’t change! Haha.

      Hopefully my posts will give you a good insight to the city and I look forward to it.


  4. You always seem to do well, Sam.

    Personally I like to be organized, & have everything planned out, but that’s only because I don’t like to rely on memory.

    You’ll get lots of help from people who have been there, I’m sure.

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    1. Good on you Pat for being organised. Definitely a good quality to have! I have received some great recommendations so far and really looking forward to trying out as much as possible. Thank you!!

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  5. There’s a free tourist tram which does a circuit of the city. Great way for you to get an orientation. I have quite a few posts on our site about Melbourne and Vic from a “local” perspective.

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    1. I noticed this on my last visit! Very cool. We got on it despite having to pay to St Kilda, but I didn’t mind of course.

      I will take a look at your post as I will be referring back to this post when I am in Melbs, so I have it here in the comments 🙂 Expect a couple more views from me soon, or if you have specific links you want me to click feel free to post them here!

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      1. I found this out when I arrived and a hostel offered me a room for $250 xD

        I wish I planned this better for sure! Would be good to see.


    1. Thank you! I do love the beach (despite being terrified of the ocean haha) and I will check it out as I will come back to this post to look at the recommendations I have received. This sounds like a beautiful one!

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    2. I am really upset I didn’t visit this place when I was here, five months flew by 😦 but I would love to visit again to see more of the country that I missed this time and this is well and truly on my list if I am back in Melbourne!

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  6. Definitely Mornington Peninsula as I live there 😊 Free Tram in the city. More of the laneways and street art. More of the Great Ocean Road- 1 day isn’t enough. Ferry from Sorento to Queenscliff. AFL footy.

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    1. Second time Mornington Peninsula has been recommended to me here! So I think I will have to visit for sure. I certainly agree one day wasn’t enough for the Great Ocean Road, so will have to revisit.

      Thanks for these, I really need to go to an Australian sports game, despite not knowing much about AFL I am sure it would be a great atmosphere!

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