Life will always be a work in progress

I like stumbling upon street art that is in the process of being created. I think this one is an advertisement however I haven’t been back to see it now it is complete. It is just around the corner so I will probably take a look on the way home.

So many pieces of art seem to have always been there. Historical paintings in some of the worlds oldest and most stunning buildings. It is amazing to think these were once nothing but a concept in someones mind and someone decided to make it a reality. I think we all have a creative side to some degree however some people are just more talented, or at least have more motivated to put thoughts into action. From smaller street art creations to the wonders of the world, we can all choose to contribute if we want.

The problem is the majority of the world contributes to someone else’s artwork. Most of us are working for someone. The lucky few will be moderately happy in their daily roles, or simply content. However if I asked everyone I met walking down the busy streets of the CBD if their dream job was different to what they are currently doing, I would guess most would say yes. But a dream job is incredibly difficult to achieve. But it isn’t about getting there. It is about getting as close to it as possible.

The more ambitious our goals are means the chances of success are less likely. But it also means our personal development skyrockets. It is much better to aim for a dream job and get half way there than to set a very achievable goal and get 100% there. That’s what I believe anyway. The progress from failure is sometimes so much better than the illusion of success, and I have just decided this will be the inspiration for my next post.


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18 thoughts on “Life will always be a work in progress”

  1. So very true. Beautiful correlation with the street art and doing what you want to rather than what you need to. We all spend a lifetime fearing ‘what if’, but failures are better learning experiences than the routine. Well expressed and thought provoking.

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  2. Learning from success or failure is always a challenge for the part of me that looks for stability. Stretching past my comfort zones, and pulling back to integrate what I learn- there is always the tension of living this yo-yo. Embracing it is the art-we all are creators of our life. Creativity is not confined to “art” but always inspires me in every genre. Yay life.

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    1. I think we all naturally head towards stability and comfort, which is why if we stretch past our comfort zones and it pays off it is so rewarding. I like your optimistic outlook on life 🙂

      Thank you for the comments and I hope you have a great weekend!


  3. This is a really inspiring thought. Your last paragraph really got me. Especially this line “It is much better to aim for a dream job and get half way there than to set a very achievable goal and get 100% there.” Love it. Thanks for the encouragement! 🙂

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    1. Thank you! I am really pleased you enjoyed the read. That sentence in particular inspired me to write a longer version of the post that I will have out this weekend 🙂

      I hope you’re having a great weekend!

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  4. Great post. I agree about aiming for what you want. I also think it’s important to realize that what you want may change over the years and it’s ok to change course every now and again. Staying “on course” even when you know something has changed is similar to not aiming at all, in my opinion.

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    1. I agree, it is important to realise that a change in direction isn’t a step back even if it feels that way. It would be strange if we didn’t change course every now and then, as our thought and interests always fluctuate. Mine do at least!

      Thank you for the comment, I hope you are having a great weekend 🙂

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  5. You are absolutely right. I agree that everyone to some degree is creative, sometimes it’s just taking those opportunities and seeing how far we can go. Whilst also making sure we enjoy the point we reach even if that’s only half way.

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    1. It is all about taking the opportunities 🙂 sometimes it is hard to fathom that these opportunities may never come again. So lets take them, even if it only means we get half way to our goal. It is a lot further than we were!


  6. Really liked your article Life in itself is a challenge and it brings us many different opportune moments. I have taken numerous art classes and have always loved the street art whether on buildings or railcars.

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