I think these days are over…

A few readers from Melbourne will know that today was a fairly decent day in the sense it didn’t pour down. It’s still cold enough for a thick jacket but being dry made today actually pleasant enough to walk outside. However the days of gazing up and seeing the blazing sun surrounded by a blue sky are seemingly long gone.


I cannot actually remember the last time I saw such a blue sky. Probably not too long after I took this shot, riding along the coast in South Melbourne shortly after arriving in March. It doesn’t seem like I will be able to take my typical bright and colourful photos as much as I have been which is a damn shame, however it just means I will have to find other ways to keep my blog bright and upbeat.

More street art perhaps? I haven’t uploaded many of these posts recently. I guess more pictures from the inside of buildings too as I am usually looking from the outside. My phone has enough water damage already and the rain has been forcing me indoors more than I would like. Goddammit.

Or simply more posts without pictures, or without my own pictures. I enjoy using Unsplash for some of my posts as there are some amazing photographers out there and this site allows you to use their images. You don’t have to credit the photographer, but I like to. They help me out so I want to return the favour. Some of the posts I thought wouldn’t be particularly popular without my own photographs are the most popular, which is a pleasant surprise. It shows it isn’t always about the images, although they can certainly help. A post can survive without photos, but a blog can’t really survive if there isn’t anything worth reading.

Maybe winter will help me to improve my writing skills with this in mind. I have always tried to see the benefits in any bad situation and if winter can help me improve on certain skills, then I have no complaints.

That, and I can try more hot chocolate variations. Have you tried hazelnut hot chocolate? A taste sensation.


Thank you again to all my followers and regular readers, and hello to you if you are new to my blog!

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34 thoughts on “I think these days are over…”

  1. Where in Melbourne you had a Hazelnut Hot Chocolate? Omgoodness that sounds yummy. Yes today was cold but there was sun! Not that much down here in Capel Sound. I heard a rumor that there will be more sun in the next few days…

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      1. Time flies! And I am going to head back to the UK in September, so I am going to be leaving winter and heading into autumn/winter again… will be interesting!

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  2. Winter is the best time to stargaze, because the air is cooler and therefore clearer. Please, if you get a chance, gaze upon the utterly foreign southern sky! You should be able to see the Magellanic Clouds, with help perhaps the Andromeda Galaxy! But the southern cross has always been the crown of the southern sky (i know normally i have s religious bent but this is strictly space enthusiasm). You are trading the fruits of one season for the fruits of another. I hope you get to see these things and enjoy it as best as you can!

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    1. Love stargazing, maybe I will have to leave the city though to get a good view of the stars. Being in the CBD so often makes it a little harder!


  3. Go to App Store and download Docklands walking tour. It will take you a whole afternoon to do. Google Docklands walking tour and playground website has one as well.
    I combined both just recently. It’s public Art works.

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  4. There wasn’t much blue sky in Sydney yesterday and even if there was, it was too cold to go outside to enjoy it. It hit 1C overnight here at the base of the mountains and even with the heater on 19C overnight I woke up feeling like a stiff frozen log. At least today’s temperature looks promising. Tonight should be a balmy 6C overnight.

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