I spoke too soon…

The weather has been perfect today in Melbourne. Warm enough to not need a jacket (by my standards) however as you can see from the trees winter is certainly here.

Melbourne looks great in the winter. The streets of colourful art and busy laneways keep me merry and the Nutella crepe stalls warm me up just by looking at them. It’s a great city to live whatever the season, and that season seemingly changes daily. The locals tell you that if you don’t like the weather here, wait a minute. And I’m making the most of these sixty seconds.



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17 thoughts on “I spoke too soon…”

  1. Yeah, many places change quickly, & even more so now with global warming. We never know for sure what we’ll get from season to season, other than hot & cold.

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    1. Thank you, anonymous person! Although I have an idea as to who this is 😉

      The weather has been great the past couple days.


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