Advice on how to live without wifi

Now I have heard they (the web browser gods) have done this before, however it wasn’t until yesterday that I got to experience this brief bit of magic for myself for the first time.

The dinosaur image that displays when there is no internet became an animated game to play to pass the time. I mean I had wifi the whole time (I often come to Melbourne Central to get out the house as the wifi is very consistent here) however it was fun to play once before logging on.

I don’t really have any advice on how to live without wifi, I know I would struggle badly. I fear the day will one day come and I am greatly unprepared.

Just a quick post for you bloggers out there that enjoy an easter egg every now and then.



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22 thoughts on “Advice on how to live without wifi”

    1. I think some time away can definitely be a good thing, and help us to have new perspectives of things without the previous distractions. Thank you for reading!

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    1. Thank you Lauro!! And you switched from WordPress? It must have been worth it for you 🙂 I feel I am way to settled here to switch haha. Do you have to start all over again?

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      1. My WordPress account is almost full. Blogger offers unlimited posts on their free accounts. I do not have a plan to earn a living from my personal blog so I did not upgrade to other WP plans.

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      2. Ah interesting, I didn’t know that. I have noticed that when my media allowance is almost at full capacity it just increases, but maybe that is because I am paying for my domain. I should know more about my blog by now xD

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