I felt like an Australian yesterday

Yesterday was a very fun day. With each and every day that passes down under I feel more and more like a local. I went to my first AFL game here in Melbourne and it was a great experience. This was the view from the impressive MCG stadium at sunset. 

I will blog about this experience more in depth tomorrow as its my day off and I have a few photos to share. But the team I went to see won and I’m pleased I got to enjoy the experience, which is a must when in Melbourne. 

I’ll see you all soon with an update!


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30 thoughts on “I felt like an Australian yesterday”

  1. Only been to the MCG – fantastic ground – to see cricket. I do however have an AFL game on my list of things to do on my forthcoming trip only six weeks away. I need to understand why Aussies are so passionate about the game.

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      1. Not on the ground in the stadium. We ferry people from the stations to the gates. There are about 5-6 buggies at each game. Youโ€™ll see us going through the buggy runs (orange barricades). Iโ€™m not there until 29/6.

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