When you realise you’re about to have two winters in a row…

I was never warned about the winter here in Australia. We aren’t as Brits, we just see the golden beaches, the clear waters and are pretty happy to go with that perception. And as I was finally getting back to my place last night, taking off my soaked jeans and dipping jacket, I decided to look through some pictures of the summer I have oh-so missed as I made my way down the east coast of Australia.

Green Island- Cairns
Cairns from Pullman Cairns International
Fraser Island, the world’s largest sand island
Looking out to Gold Coast from the Q1 Tower
A yellow taxi in front of the Sydney Harbour Bridge

I have been pretty lucky to be fair. I arrived in the summer of 2017 and as winter was creeping up, decided to do my farmwork in far north Queensland. Despite the odd heavy thunderstorm the days were warm. The nights were cold, but nothing a heavy duvet and a couple of beers with a bunch of fellow international backpackers couldn’t fix.

And after August and the beginnings of summer I made my way to Brisbane. A more humid city than Sydney, but I will always remember the day Sydney hit 47c. January 8th 2018 was a pretty brutal day, the breeze was no relief and felt like a hairdryer to the face. Brisbane however was hot but I enjoyed the simpler life. T-shirt, shorts and flip flops on the way to work, that kind of thing. But from March 2019 and the beginning of winter my contract ended and there was one last city I needed to visit. Melbourne.


Now Melbourne has had some nice weather since I have been here, such as the day I took this shot above. But it isn’t unusual for me to wear a scarf and two jackets walking through the city.

And as my last day in Australia will be August 27th, I will be heading to Europe at the back end of what seems like a great summer and again, preparing for winter.


I mean I don’t mind a British winter at all, the Christmas Markets and mulled wine and all that, but after a heatwave to cool off from. I am going to have a winter shortly after a winter, whilst the UK (and seemingly everyone outside of Melbourne!) enjoys some glorious sunshine.

Winter is coming. Well it just won’t leave me.

What’s the weather like where you are, are you enjoying the heatwave yourself? Let me know and feel free to make me more jealous than I already am.



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43 thoughts on “When you realise you’re about to have two winters in a row…”

    1. Thank you!! Fraser Island is amazing, the picture above in fact was further inland and more of a desert! The beach however is a highway, an airport for light aircraft and has a shipwreck. There is plenty to do here!

      Liked by 1 person

  1. Currently enjoying the sweltering heat in Hamburg Germany and then heading to the south of France for more of the same, but with the added bonus of the beach!! 😁🌊🍹☀️

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I’ve never loved Sydney either in winter or summer. Yes, it was a hot day back in Jan 2018.

    Fate has left us here way passed the time we wanted to move on. After 21 moves, that may sound ridiculous but that the military for you. We desperate hope we sell in this crummy housing market so we can move north. Maybe not as far as Cairns but we do like Queensland.

    Great pics.

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    1. Love Queensland. 21 moves is a lot!! I imagine the military will do that to you. All the best and I hope that you get to make that move to Queensland. I loved the east coast in particular Brisbane. A great city!

      Liked by 1 person

  3. I’ve always wanted to visit australia, so the envy is entirely mine. I admire and respect your ability to step out into the world free of our mundane human baggage and just experience life.

    In my corner of the USA, quite near our fair capitol, it is typically humid during the summer. Thats what we get for founding our nation in swamp. But I have always enjoyed winter. The cool air makes for optimal stargazing, and the trees of winter transform a familiar landscape into something mysterious, hinting at a story yet untold. Theres a painting that left a profound impression on me years and years ago, called “Monastary Graveyard in the Snow”. Perhaps it was meant to evoke something post apocalyptic, but i always thought it captured the essence of winter.

    So take heart my friend. There is a season for all things. If you can, get a photo of the southern sky before you leave, and take a photo of the northern sky when you return. Youll have in your posession a rare gem few have ever obtained!


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    1. A beautiful picture of winter you paint here Scoot, a lovely comment. I remember visiting Washington D.C in summer of 2011 and it was very hot indeed. Travel has given me great memories and this comment is bringing plenty of them back. Thank you!

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  4. Yes Sam, Melbourne winter totally sucks. I grew up in Sydney and we moved to Melbourne in 2005. I confess that you do acclimatise to the cold and I’m OK with that. However we’ve been sort of lucky with a lot of dry winters over the years I’ve been here which have been fairly mild.
    Now whilst I know we need the rain, it is making this winter very dreary.
    This time last year I was standing alongside the Tower of London, watching the sunlight shimmer upon the Shard across the Thames whilst enjoying an ice cream and just loving that very moment.

    I do hope you get to see as much as you want to before you fly home in August.


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    1. Thanks Genevieve, I am pleased you got to experience a pleasant summer in England when you were there! It is certainly completely different in Europe compared to Melbourne right now. But I feel this will help me ease back into an English Autumn/Winter come August. And despite the winter I am loving Melbourne and will be very sad to leave.

      Thanks for the comments!

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  5. Can I simply say, Australia is downright beautiful. I’d love to visit it someday. Amazing photos! Enjoy the rest of your time there, I’d hate diving back into winter after such nice weather.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. It really is a stunning country. Thanks for the comments, I do hope you visit! I guess it will be easier heading into winter as I am already having one, I can’t imagine having a 40c summer here and heading back to snow! Haha.

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