My Australian Journey #2: Arriving in Sydney

After departing on the 1st September from London, I finally arrived in Sydney on the 3rd. It is so strange to think that it would take three days to get anywhere in the world, but I did have a great big layover in Singapore to blame for that.


I’ve just realised that on Instagram I am uploading these shots in the wrong order. I was about to type this post with the below shot of the Sydney Tower Eye as my first photo of Sydney, but it was in fact the one above. I was on the train and as I had no clue about the journey from the airport, almost missed the view behind me. I was on those seats that face sideways and was looking at the highrises of the CBD and probably noticed the harbour glistening in the reflections. What a view it was too. Here is a very short post I published at the time.


This was a very tiring day. It was hot, I stupidly decided to bring two large heavy bags with me and due to having them packed to the brim, was wearing my winter jacket. I don’t know what made me decide to bring that with me as I was entering summer, but after experiencing a Melbourne winter (where I currently am) this wasn’t a bad decision. You can read another very short blog post on this day here.

Oh, and I also made a friend. I realised he has his problems like the rest of us.




Thank you again to all my followers and regular readers, and hello to you if you are new to my blog!

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15 thoughts on “My Australian Journey #2: Arriving in Sydney”

  1. I had a very similar experience when I moved to NYC 5 years ago! Carry on, check-in bag, backpack, and jacket on. I carried my entire life with me and struggled to figure out the subway system in a city I had never visited before the day I moved there. Much like your day, it was hot. Even worse, it was humid. And yet, I have no regrets. I have a feeling neither do you. Great post, Sam! Love the friend you made!

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    1. Humidity is the worst! However these memories of the struggles are some of the most vivid and that is what makes travel so interesting. Whether they are good or bad memories, they are big memories that we wouldn’t have had and often something to develop from!

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  2. I don’t remember seeing that view on the train, nor any recollection of the train journey when I arrived in fact. Probably should have had my camera ready like you. I think my first photo was after getting to Sydney Central.

    I agree on the overall journey too. So weird leaving London on a Saturday and arriving in Sydney on Monday.

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    1. I think it may depend on the line… I am not sure if every train from the airport takes the Circular Quay route, however mine did. And if you aren’t looking around the view disappears in an instant!

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