My Australian Journey #3: Blue skies and skylines

I much prefer a blue sky in any photo. It adds so much more to a shot and just gives off a warm, happy vibe. It does for me anyway.


The shot above is one of my favourite pictures on my whole working holiday visa. I love the brightness and the bright white flag blowing in the wind before an impressive skyline. The skyline is the main reason I used to enjoy a walk around Darling Harbour and I have plenty of shots in this post from September 2017.



I took a couple of shots here, this one and when I was waiting at the traffic lights at night, decided to try and get another shot from the same angle. I like looking at both together, it’s like travelling in a time machine.


I think the theme of all my Instagram uploads is a blue sky, or pictures with lots of colour. It puts me in a good mood, which is probably why I like street art so much. Bright colours to raise my spirits, especially at times when I need it.


Expect lots of sunshine and colour in my upcoming posts!


Thank you again to all my followers and regular readers, and hello to you if you are new to my blog!

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12 thoughts on “My Australian Journey #3: Blue skies and skylines”

  1. My understanding is, that we are all hard-wired to relax when we see the colour blue. Also, when we hear the sound of running water. I use this a lot when helping people with visualisations.

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    1. I believe it as both relax me! I love listening to the sound of rain and every now and then play it on Spotify in the background. I like the sound of rain but not really the sight of it, blue skies for me!


  2. Thanks so much, Sam! I love colours! They speak to my souls… especially when it resonates with my temperamental stance at each point in time

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