My Australian Journey #5: Views from zoo’s

Today I spent my day looking through the various shots of Sydney I took from my earlier days in Australia. Sydney is an incredibly photogenic city. It has the landmarks that we all know so well no matter where you are in the world. The postcard views that you have to see if you land in this country.

The below shot was taken on the Circular Quay to Manly ferry, and to sit inside is a big mistake.


There is another ferry that can be taken from Circular Quay to Taronga Zoo, the place in the next shot below. To be honest I am becoming more and more hesitant to see animals in captivity, but not taking a visit here is almost impossible given the time I spent in Sydney. The views from the zoo are pretty damn incredible.


But I equally enjoyed walking through the streets of the CBD away from the tourist areas. I did venture further than the CBD, however the business area of Sydney- with all its mundane suit wearing coffee drinkers underneath the countless high rises- did bring little moments of rebellion.


Obey is the work of Shepard Fairey. I stopped to give this piece a proper look, as it was huge yet you had to be looking up to notice it. Doing a little research I found the following:

“The idea of consciously obeying versus subconsciously conforming has been something that’s important to me. ⁠

To me, the real crux is democratising my art. Public art is a way for me to reach a lot of people… I always try to find an opportunity to do a larger scale work that maintains that aspect of my philosophy, though I’m now sometimes welcome in more elite circles.⁠

I always feel it’s important for me to be outspoken, but especially right now.”

This kind of art will always hit me as I feel it is easy to get stuck in a cycle of submission- to work for other peoples gain and find it difficult to leave. We should all have the desire to live a life for ourselves and live the life that we enjoy. It is pretty damn hard to live a life purely for ourselves and our loved ones, but the aim is to get as close to it as possible.


Have you ever visited Circular Quay or even Taronga Zoo? Let me know what you think and I hope you like the pics of the day!


Thank you again to all my followers and regular readers, and hello to you if you are new to my blog!

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14 thoughts on “My Australian Journey #5: Views from zoo’s”

  1. Loved the view at Taronga Zoo, surely one of the best zoo views anywhere. I’ve got a similar giraffe / Sydney skyline photo from my trip too 🙂

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