My Australian Journey #6: More murals

I didn’t really venture too far out of the CBD when I was living in Sydney, other than where I lived in Crows Nest. So this is a rare picture from one of the surrounding suburbs, when I stumbled upon a piece of artwork that has actually been around for a while.


This piece has been around since 1983. A pretty long time if you ask me! I know there was a planned restoration looking back at my post from October 2017 however I am not sure if this has happened.

The artists name is Carol Ruff, and from the linked article I added to the post above I found the following:

Artist Carol Ruff played a key role in planning, designing and painting the 40,000 years mural in 1983. She explains how the now faded original images pay tribute to Redfern’s powerful Aboriginal history of abundance, tragedy, perseverance and accomplishment.

The salient message, “40,000 years is a long, long time/ 40,000 years still on my mind …” is inspired by Joe Geia’s song, “40,000 Years”. “We were trying to say that even before Redfern, Aboriginal people have been there, have been in that area, have known this country, this place,” Ms Ruff said.

40,000 years is a hell of a long time. It helps me to realise that 1983- the time the artwork was created- was just yesterday. I cannot even comprehend that amount of time, not to mention what life was like back then. No highrises dominating the skyline, none of the technology we take for granted today. And with that, what will life be like 40,000 years into the future? I don’t know what is a more interesting question, as both have their mysteries.

If you had to choose from two time machines, would you want to take a look at life 40,000 years ago, or 40,000 years into the future? For me it would be the future, with fingers crossed that it is a good time to be around.

Let me know!


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20 thoughts on “My Australian Journey #6: More murals”

  1. I’d love to think that humans will be around for another 40K. I think it’s highly unlikely. But that bodes the question… What type of beings will be roaming the Earth that far into the future? Will we evolve into something more?

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    1. It does seem far fetched sadly to consider us living long into the future unless we can spread our species elsewhere and not limit ourselves to one planet… however it would only make sense to me that we become more robotic or attached to some kind of AI and hopefully with increased knowledge and technology we become more peaceful towards one another. Evidence of this merge with computers is Elon Musks new company Neuralink. The website states it is ‘Developing ultra high bandwidth brain-machine interfaces to connect humans and computers.’ Have you heard of it? Very exciting!

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  2. I have heard of Neuralink. It’s fascinating and frightening at the same time. I like watching Sci FI type movies and some of them basically heed warning to that sort of thing. At the same time it’s inevitable that it’s going to happen. Merging ourselves into Robots that is. I doubt that we’ll actually see it in our lifetime. Perhaps certain facets like, the medicinal purposes will begin to rear it’s head. Perhaps when we’re old and grey we’ll be able to implant ports on the back of our neck and wear some sort of pack that can make us live indefinitely. Who knows!? On the downside of such a thing, Social Security would certainly have to be re-structured. There are so many possibilities positive and negative.

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    1. It does open a whole new world of possibilities and dangers. It will be great to see how far it goes in our lifetime! We will have to see where it leads.


  3. I’d go back in time personally. Leave the future to dreaming / imagination and hope it’s positive.

    So cool that mural has survived nearly forty years! Not sure it’ll make forty thousand though haha.

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